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Date published: 10/2021
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Find My Profession Overview For Your Career Success

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If you are looking to switch jobs or just graduated from your college or university, you need a good resume that would catch the attention of your HR manager or potential employer. If you cannot cope with your documents yourself, using the help of a professional resume writing service would be crucial.

FindMyProfession is one of such services, and you can check the following review to see whether it suits your expectations and can bring the necessary results.

Range of Services

Once opening findmyprofession.com, you will see they provide all services related to resume writing and job search. Thus, on Find My Profession, you can receive such services as career finder, career coaching, resume writing, cover letter creation, a LinkedIn profile makeover, etc.

They offer services for different professional levels, so you definitely would find the one that suits you personally.

Pricing and Discount Policy at findmyprofession.com

FindMyProfession is not a cheap service if that really matters to you. You will find the costs on similar websites much lower. Thus, the cost of their packages varies from $395 for Entry-level papers to $1295 for C-level resumes. The last package includes cover letter writing and a LinkedIn profile makeover.

However, if you do not want to get any packages and want to get just one document written for you, the prices are as follows: $119 for a cover letter (entry-mid level), $149 for a cover letter of a senior-executive level, $375 for LinkedIn profile makeover (entry-mid level), and $649 for the same service at senior-executive levels.

As you can see, their costs are quite high, and not everyone can afford such a service. Let’s see whether their price/quality ratio is that good and whether they really deliver such great resumes and cover letters at these costs.


Since findmyprofession.com charges such high fees for its services, we decided to check whether they provide really excellent quality of papers. Thus, we have ordered a cover letter that cost us $149. To get a resume, you would need to purchase a package that is extremely expensive.

First of all, we did not get the first draft even within the first 48 hours. It took a couple of days more to receive the document. The letter looked more like a template in which the author put the information provided. Also, we suspect it was not written by a native English speaker. The choice of vocabulary was quite strange and sometimes illogical.

We are strongly convinced that the letter was not written by a native speaker. It looked as if it was written by a foreigner. Unfortunately, the quality of this service was far from the best, and we believe that it is not worth the money spent.


Of course, on findmyprofession.com, you can find some guarantees that would ensure you do not waste your money but can have a refund in case of necessity. Let’s see what kind of guarantees this website provides and whether it sticks to them:

  • No 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 60-day interview guarantee
  • No money-back guarantee

These are, actually, all the guarantees you would find on their website. However, they are pretty doubtful. It is necessary to visit the Terms and Conditions section to find out more. The 60-day interview guarantee is just a nice advertisement and nothing more.

It is quite difficult to have your resume or cover letter rewritten in case you do not have enough interviews. Unlike many other similar resume writing services, this one does not guarantee that their writers are qualified enough or are, at least, native speakers.

In general, if you want to be sure of the quality or have your money back, it is better to search for a different service since here, they do not guarantee anything at all even though their prices are extremely high.


24/7 customer support? No, findmyprofession.com has never heard of it. If you want to be in touch with your writer or this service round the clock like on other similar websites, forget about it and be patient. This resume writing provider does not reply to its customers as soon as they need it.

You can get in touch with them through one of the channels — an email or phone. We tried both, actually. Can you imagine that no one replied to us on the phone? Although we called during working hours.

Yes, we received a reply by email three days later when the information was already out of date, and we placed an order. Therefore, if you expect to ask a few questions before paying a bunch of money to them, we will disappoint you. You cannot get any information, especially if you are in a hurry and need their assistance urgently.

Online Reputation

We tried to search for reviews of real customers on findmyprofession.com and what we have found was quite surprising. Most reviews on Trustpilot and Sitejabber are more than positive, while different reviews online are quite contradictory, saying that people were not very happy with the costs and services.

It looks like most of those positive reviews are fake. However, maybe we and many other people were not very lucky with the quality of their service.

Find My Profession Pros and Cons

FindMyProfession has the following benefits:

  • A wide range of services
  • 60-day interview guarantee
  • Direct communication with your writer

Among the drawbacks, we would name poor customer support, not a very good quality of content, and extremely exaggerated prices that do not comply with the quality of services.


After a thorough check of findmyprofession.com, we can say that this service is definitely not for everyone due to very high prices. Along with that, the quality is not much different from other similar providers and, in many aspects, is worse. Therefore, we cannot recommend this resume writing service.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Does Find My Profession provide unique resumes?

The service guarantees that they write all resumes and CVs from scratch and that your paper will be 100% unique. However, a lot of users complain that their resumes look more like templates where they just put their information. It means that the CVs and resumes might be written by using certain templates. You need to check the percentage of plagiarism additionally.

How soon can they deliver my resume?

The service sends your first draft within 3-5 business days after your first consultation with the assigned writer. After that, you can only review your draft and say whether you are ok with it or you want to make improvements and amendments. If you pay an additional $149 to get Priority Service, you can count on getting the first draft within 48 hours.

How does the process work?

The process of getting your resume is not as easy as you could imagine. First, you must select the package and register. After that, you receive an email that will ask you to send your resume, if any. You should send it or other supporting documents to their Resume director. She assigns the writer for your resume, who should get in touch with you within one business day to discuss the details and start the process.

Do they guarantee a job interview?

Find My Profession offers a 60-day interview guarantee. They promise to rewrite your resume once at no cost in case you are not happy with the number of interviews you had within 60 days. On the one hand, it is a sort of a guarantee that you can have your resume updated when you need it. On the other hand, no one guarantees you can have at least one job interview.

Do they have the career finder service?

Yes, on findmyprofession.com, you can not only order a resume, CV, or cover letter but also facilitate your job search with their help. They offer help with managing your job search from A to Z. They select job positions that meet your criteria and prepare you for your interviews.

How much does a resume cost?

Find My Profession does not have accurate pricing plans. You pay not for the resume but need to buy a subscription. Thus, if you want to get your first draft sooner than in 3 or 5 days, it is necessary to pay an additional $149. It means that your resume cannot be as cheap as when using other resume writing services.

Does findmyprofession.com deliver resumes on time?

The website guarantees timely delivery of all orders. However, multiple complaints from their customers say the opposite. Even though their turnaround time is quite long — 3-5 days for the first draft only, they manage to deliver resumes and CVs with quite big delays.

  1. Micheal Rodrigues 22 Nov 2021

    I would like to admit that Find My Profession has a bit of an exaggerated price. I paid 119 dollars for a cover letter. It was just one-page long. Other services deliver your documents much faster at the same or even lower cost. Moreover, I have found a couple of serious mistakes in my letter that contradicted the information I provided. I do not recommend this service. You can find much cheaper and more qualified cover letter writers.

  2. Kyra Simon 6 Nov 2021

    I couldn’t find a good job on my own, so I decided to hire professionals to help me in my career search. I assumed 2500 dollars per month is a huge amount of money for someone looking for a job, but I read some good reviews about this service and thought they would help me. They assisted well, were always in touch but unfortunately, I didn’t find a job I was looking for with their help.

  3. Kiah Stephenson 4 Nov 2021

    My resume from findmyprofession.com was written ok, but unfortunately, it took too much time for me to wait for it. I was invited for one interview, but frankly speaking, this wasn’t the job of my dreams. I never requested to rewrite or improve my resume, though. One interview isn’t a good result even though I have decent work experience.

  4. Abbey Mcneil 2 Nov 2021

    Let me share my experience with the FindMyProfession service. I switched jobs and wanted to update my resume and make it look more professional. I was unpleasantly surprised with the prices because other services are much cheaper. I thought that expensive means good quality, but I was wrong. First of all, the process really takes too much precious time. I could not wait to get the final version of my document. Anyways, I did not get any job interviews after providing my resume, so I decided to use my 60-days guarantee and requested my resume to be rewritten. Unfortunately, the process took even more time. I got it back, but it didn’t change much, so I think they don’t really care about the quality. Sad because it’s a lot of time and money!

  5. Shay Moss 30 Oct 2021

    I paid an extra 149 dollars in addition to their basic subscription to receive my resume within 48 hours, but to my biggest surprise, I didn’t get it in two days. They sent me my first draft one day later. It took me almost a week to get a more or less valuable resume. I believe the cost was too high for it.

  6. Fiona Pacheco 28 Oct 2021

    I ordered my entry-level resume at Find My Profession, and I really think it was a waste of time. First of all, it took me forever to get my final version. Getting your first draft in 5 days is insane. After we discussed all the details and I received the ‘final’ version, I realized that the writer didn’t even make any improvements. I spent so much time and money on an average resume that didn’t look like a professional one at all.

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