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Date published: 08/2020
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Resume Help Overview to Know More

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Resume Help website claims to provide its customers with quick and easy service. However, the truth is that most of the users complain about it, saying that the assistance is rather slow and complicated. There are not enough important tools to do it. Also, you will need to fill in a complicated and witty order form, which is not very convenient. Besides, you will have to mention your past work experience and your skills that take a lot of time.

Range of Services – Resume Help

Resume Help can help you to generate a basic resume but not the proficient one. It provides you with an average template to fill in, which is not rather appropriate for the vast majority of well-paid jobs. You will have to choose the selected resume, and then you will have to customize it according to your own qualifications. Therefore, the process of resume creating might be rather time-consuming and complicated. Hence, we recommend you try out another resume posting service that is faster to use.

Resume Database

Pricing and Discount Policy

Resume Help is not the appropriate website to use if you want to know the pricing policy at the very beginning before your resume is generated. The website does not provide you with any pieces of information on how much it will cost you to utilize their service. It irritates when trying to find any data on the prices of this service, which is quite suspicious.


The quality of resumes generated by Resume Help is not bad. However, it is not advanced too. Therefore, if you are looking for the quality of the resumes to be higher than average, you should choose another website. Instead of getting used to terrible service, you would better enjoy the premium quality of resumediscover.com service, which is a much more profound one.  


There are very few of the Resume Help promises:

  • Safe and secure payment information.
  • Confidentiality of the personal data.
  • Various payment options.


If you need some support, you should use a live chat support option. Resume Help claims to provide its customers with 24/7 support. So, you can contact them whenever you want, which sounds rather convenient. However, in reality, it takes a lot of time to wait for the reply of the customer support representative. If the live chat support remains silent, you may call them or write an email. Note that you will have to wait for even more to get the answer.

Online Reputation

Online Reputation
Online Reputation Resumehelp

The vast majority of the customers complain that the Resume Help service is very slow. They say that it is difficult to find what you need on the website, which makes the process of resume generating and ordering very tedious, boring, and difficult. So, if you do not want your resume posting to be troublesome, you would better select another website to help you with your resume. For instance, resumediscover.com might be such a good fit for you because it is easy to navigate. 

Pros and Cons

Check out the main advantages and disadvantages of this service: 

  • it is impossible to use the Resume Help tools without being registered.
  • You will get to know how much it will cost to post your resume only at the final step of posting it.
  • registration on Resume Help website takes a lot of time.


All things considered, we strongly do not recommend you using resumehelp.com because of an unacceptable number of its disadvantages. If you take into account the number of unsatisfied customers that were unhappy to use this service, you will never decide to use this website consciously.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions to Get to Know More about the Service

How do I prepare a resume for a career or industry change?

You will need to reconcentrate your resume for a new industry or career. When you finish studying job postings in the new area, you should frame your bullets. You might use a functional resume, leaning more towards accomplishments and skills than history. 

What are transferable skills?

These are such talents that are acquired in one of your life areas. It might be applied to a job that you have applied for. If you change careers, this might be especially necessary for you. Some of the job posting websites can help you define the transferable skills you have to create the best resume for you, including this data. However, Resume Help will not help you with it, so you should rather use other services.

How do I have to list the details of my jobs?

Do not begin with statements like Responsible for and Duties included. Concentrate on accomplishments and results of the duties, but not just on what you did. Utilize keywords and action verbs as much as you can. Current employment must be written in the present tense, and the other ones should be in the past tense. If you use Resume Help, you might be frustrated with the quality of the details writing in the resume. Use another website to reach your employment goals. 

What must be included in the Education section?

School attended, all degrees, majors, state, city, expected graduation date, or graduation. Do not include the dates if you believe it would make you look too old. Just include GED or high school if you did not go to college. Mention all the unique facts about yourself that will make you stand out in a crowd, among other candidates. The more data related to the position you are applying for, the better.

What are the keywords, and what is the best way to use them?

More hiring agencies or companies rely on databased, digitized resumes. They track software to glean resumes for necessary content. By investigating the position, the company, and reviewing the job listing carefully, you might find phrases and keywords for use in your CV. For instance, there might be such words as “proactive,” “Native English speaker,” “Proficient skills,” etc. 

Did career objectives become obsolete?

In fact, the vast majority of hiring managers do not read them at all. Most of them basically state that a person is looking for a job and are vague. If you utilize one, use it to sharpen your resume intent’s focus, not state the vivid stuff. Try to skip such phrases and be more concrete because it will make you look unique in front of other candidates. 

What are the most important resume design elements?

Utilize bold italics, italics, bold, small caps. Keep fonts between 10 to 12 points. Utilize a 24 or 28-pound off-white or white paper, keep as much white space as you can to help your resume look clean. Align text left, not justified. You may find other rules of resume formatting online.  

Should I utilize a professional resume service?

You should use the more of it depending on the height of the ladder you are going. College professors, CEOs, and similar ones tend to need more complicated resumes. A resume writer who is skilled in a certain industry sector might be beneficial to customize credentials. If you use a professional resume service, the chances you get a good and high-paid job will become greater. So, it will be much more convenient to ask the expert to help you. 

How might I make sure my resume covers the bases?

Resumediscover.com will definitely help you with it. There are resources, tips, and tools that you can build, improve, and critique any kind of resume. Meaning, if you use them, your resume will look more professional, and with the help of resume writers, it will be noticeable for many employers. Hence, your interviews will be at hand. 

How long must my resume be?

For most experts, your resume should not be longer than one page. There are certain fields that would need credentials to fit one page. So, it depends on the job posting website and type of position you’re applying for. However, we recommend you to be clear and concise when writing your resume details. Do not expand and pour water.  

Why do I need a resume?

If you want to get a good job, writing a proper resume is a must. It assists in getting an interview for the desired job position. The higher the wanted position is, the better the resume must be crafted. 

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  1. Tasha 26 Sep 2020

    No, I do not recommend that service because their templates are not good, first of all. Secondly, customer support doesn’t reply. They only get your payments fast. They do not care about the rest. Getting multiple calls from them and annoying offers is another disadvantage of that service. I won’t use it again despite their low prices.

  2. Pete 23 Sep 2020

    After graduating from college, I had to look for a job, but writing a resume on my own was dangerous while I do not possess the necessary skills for it. So I decided to use their professional help. Since I didn’t have much money after college, I decided to use that site, necessary to admit their prices are very reasonable and quite low compared to other similar sites. However, after receiving my template and being charged again next month, I was shocked! I tried to get in touch with them to cancel it and possibly return the money that I was overcharged, but this was also a challenge. Customer support is terrible and not responsive. In other words, I didn’t receive my money back, but I managed to make them unsubscribe me from their services after multiple attempts!

  3. Mimi P. 18 Sep 2020

    I think that resumehelp.com is a scam. I have paid for using their templates for a couple of hours. But then, I found out that I was charged for it on a monthly basis! How can it be possible? They keep selling you a template for months! It is terrible, so if you can, find such a template online for free and use it! Otherwise, you will get into a trap of monthly subscriptions!

  4. Dennis 15 Sep 2020

    When subscribing with them, I was hoping to get resume help, and I got it. But another question is what kind of help it was. Yes, their prices are not that high, but the quality is really low. This resume help doesn’t work as it should. So better, do not waste your time and money.

  5. Matthew 5 Sep 2020

    I ordered to improve my resume at resumehelp.com. A couple of times, I had to contact their online chat (which I thought had to be helpful), but they are really unable to solve the issues. Although their service is pretty cheap compared to others (I spent only $25), they could work better on the quality.

  6. Zachary 3 Sep 2020

    I do not like writing reviews and usually don’t do it, but this time, I decided to leave my impressions to warn other people and maybe make this service somehow improve their system. I do not complain about the quality of my resume, but after I got my order, I got too many calls offering me various ‘deals’, which I didn’t need at all. So it is very annoying. You subscribe just to get your resume, but instead, you are imposed other unnecessary services.

  7. Drew 30 Aug 2020

    Resumehelp.com had contradictory reviews when I was searching for information about them. But I thought that maybe the quality varied from one writer to another and decided to try since there were many positive reviews, too. Now I am ready to leave my review, and I can say my resume was not perfect. It contained too many mistakes as for a ”professional” level. I probably wasn’t too lucky with my writer.

  8. Billy 11 Sep 2020

    I will be short-do not subscribe to their services if you do not want the money to keep being dedicated to your credit card! You will just forget that you have sometimes subscribed to them, but you will recall it when you get notifications from your bank! For that reason, I do not like the sites with the subscription system.

  9. Molly 9 Sep 2020

    My experience with resumehelp.com was very contradictory. I must say that my resume was ok, so I cannot complain about its quality. However, their customer support is awful. When I called to cancel my subscription, I could hardly reach them. When their specialist finally replied, I asked to cancel it, but they tried about six times to make me stay. This was already very annoying, and this guy gave up only after my 6th refusal!

  10. Hafeez 11 Sep 2020

    I will say at once that I really needed to create a good resume because the future of my career depended on that. I chose resumehelp.com because their site seemed appealing and user-friendly to me. I also checked their reviews, and they had lots of positive ones, so I trusted this service. But I was surprised to pay for my subscription at first, and then, and they dedicated money from my account again. I could get in touch with them to cancel my subscription, and it looks like this was impossible. Better do not provide your credit card details or cancel your subscription somehow. Otherwise, the money will be dedicated from your account again and again.

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