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Date published: 09/2020
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Resumewritinggroup Overview – The Most Comprehensive Survey

Resume Writing Group
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There are many writing services on the global market when it comes to completing resumes. That is why we decided to review them and help you decide which company deserves your attention. Today we will talk about Resume Writing Group, a service that was established in 2005. It has both pros and cons, so read the review attentively to make up your mind whether they are a good fit. Unfortunately, they failed to help us, so we don’t think it is the right place to go.

Range of Services

When joining their website, you may see that they call themselves the company with the best quality and the best pricing on Earth. Sounds too ambitious, right? However, let’s take one step at a time and start with the services they offer. Apart from completing resumes for students and the entry-level, they claim to deal with professional and high-level executive resumes, as well as resumes for the governmental and federal institutions. In addition, Resumewritinggroup offers writing letters of recommendation, thank-you messages, and completing or editing LinkedIn accounts. There are also a few options for those who want to get ready for an interview. However, we already know that many services don’t mean quality, so we decided to place an order of our own and asked to create a federal resume.

Resumewritinggroup Overview

Pricing and Discount Policy

The prices at the resume writing group start at $99 for an entry-level or student resume and may reach $199 for a senior and high-level executive resume. We were surprised to find out that you’ll have to pay this price, not depending on the urgency or a particular specialization. The price depends only on the four types of services. These fees are extremely high, and it is surprising that they claim themselves a company with affordable fees. On top of it, there are no discounts or bonuses, which means that you’ll have to pay an impressive sum for a resume. The only ‘reward’ is the referral system, which grants you $20 for every friend that you bring to Resumewritinggroup. However, this person will stop calling you a friend once he or she spends so much money.

Resumewritinggroup Overview

Resumewritinggroup: Quality

After ordering a federal resume, we were extremely disappointed to get an average-quality document that lacked formatting and was poorly written. And when contacting the support team and asking for a refund, they required proof that the resume was sent to 40 employers and was rejected. What we didn’t like about the order was that the writer failed to meet our requirements and didn’t follow the guidelines. And the writing style was completely different from the one we asked for. Thus, we paid for nothing.


According to the resumewritinggroup.com website, they guarantee that you’ll be employed within 45 days. They also claim to have revisions and a money-back guarantee, but unfortunately, they failed to provide them. Thus, we won’t include these guarantees to the list above. The only guarantee that we couldn’t check was the 45-day employment because the resume was fictional. However, something tells us that it’s impossible to guarantee such a thing.

  • free revisions
  • refund
  • 45-day employment


Customer support at resumewritinggroup.com was another disappointment. On the website, it is stated that you can reach them via phone number and through the form on the website. However, after trying to contact them several times, we didn’t get any answer. It seems that they stop answering your messages and calls right after you pay for the order. Many customers claim that even when the managers answer, they never provide the guarantees and revisions, and never answer if you want to demand something.

Online Reputation

After reading comments and testimonials online, we found hundreds of customers, who were rather angry with resumewritinggroup. They claimed that the quality of received resumes was rather poor and that the managers were rather rude.

Resumewritinggroup Overview

Resumewritinggroup Pros and Cons

Pros of the company:

  • many services on offer
  • a referral program
  • on the market since 2005

Cons of the Resumewritinggroup:

  • bad quality of resumes
  • absence of discounts
  • unprofessional customer support


It is the right time to tell you about our overall impression of the Resumewritinggroup. All in all, it is a legit company, which completes resumes. However, the quality of these resumes is rather poor, and if you want to get a first-class document, it’s better to search for a writing service elsewhere. In addition, their customer support is unfriendly, there are no guarantees and discounts, and the price is extremely high. We can’t recommend this company and will never use their services again.

FAQ – answers to the most common questions

How quickly they complete resumes?

Resumewritinggroup.com complete resumes within three days. However, they say that Senior Executive, Military, and Federal resumes may take up to 5 days. Note that this means business days. It seems that the company doesn’t work on weekends, which means that if you have an urgent order on Friday, no one will start working on it till Monday.

What if I have employment gaps?

This writing service says that they use previous career information and adjust them to new goals and requirements. However, many customers claim that in such a case, the company simply delivered a short and unattractive resume failing to include data that could be relevant for the employer.

Is it possible to order cover letters without paying for a resume?

Yes, there is such an option at Resumewritinggroup. To do that, you need to un-check the Resume feature on the order form and choose the services you need. Unfortunately, the price will remain quite high.

What other services can I get?

Apart from creating resumes, this writing service claims to complete cover letters, writing LinkedIn profiles, practicing interviews over the phone, and posting resumes. The only problem is that they supply each of these services with an additional number of features that significantly increase the final price.

Can I communicate with the writer directly?

No, there isn’t such an option. You need to contact the support team, and they will send your message with guidelines or questions to the writer. As you understand, this significantly prolongs the process, and you may wait for an answer for hours or even days.

Are there any guarantees provided?

Here are the guarantees the Resumewritinggroup.com provides: the only US or Canada based writers, free revisions, timely delivery, and extra $100 return if you don’t like the result. However, when getting familiar with testimonials and talking to company representatives, it turned out that some writers are not native speakers, and the service rarely returns the money.

Are there any discounts?

The main discount of this platform is a referral program. For bringing friends and making them place an order, users can get a $20 return. This, every referral will earn you $20, which will be sent to the indicated card. Unfortunately, this is the only discount you can get: no free pages, no bonuses, and complete absence of a loyalty program. Most likely, they are not interested in regular customers.

How will I be able to download the resume?

This writing service sends two copies of the resume to the indicated email. One is in an MS Word format, and another – in PDF. These two files are also available in the client services center. However, we had trouble with downloading the resume we have ordered, and it took the customer to support almost two days to fix the problem. In addition, their safety is doubtful, and you may easily lose the resume and sensitive data when downloading it.

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  1. Cindy 20 Sep 2020

    My experience of resumewritinggroup.com started with a customer support representative who could hardly speak English. At that time, I thought that this was just customer support, and it had nothing to do with the writers. But I was wrong. I could easily see that my CV was not written by a native. It contained very silly mistakes and was not worth its money absolutely.

  2. Craig 27 Sep 2020

    I do not think I will ever use resumewritinggroup.com again. Their customer support is non-responsive at all. When the issues arise (and they really arise), they will reply with just general phrases and pretend they do not understand what’s wrong with your paper. I had to provide my writer with more detailed instructions so he could create a more or less normal resume from his third attempt. Very time-consuming and expensive!

  3. Sunny 17 Sep 2020

    I cannot say that my cover letter was just awful, but it was not that good too. The writer didn’t listen to my recommendations, and I had to ask him to improve that several times in a row. I eventually got my normal final version, but still, the waste of time played its role, and the impression was spoiled.

  4. Jack Himes 13 Sep 2020

    I will never use this service again. They reassured me my resume would be written by a highly professional native English speaker. But I cannot believe it is true because I got a very poorly written resume containing some sentences that didn’t make sense at all. I was waiting for my revision for a week, and without getting it, I just applied to another writer and got that resume edited. Not happy!

  5. Lillie 9 Sep 2020

    Getting a good resume was an urgent matter for me, and I have found resumewritinggroup.com. Frankly speaking, I was happy to pay because I am a terrible writer and cannot put my thoughts on paper at all. So I thought a professional writer would do a good job for me. Unfortunately, I did not get it on time, my writer missed the deadline, and I failed to submit my resume on time. In general, it was an ok paper, but the missed deadline spoiled my impression.

  6. Virginia P. 4 Sep 2020

    I am one of those customers who were not very lucky with resumewritinggroup.com. When I ordered my resume, I was sure that over $100 is enough to get one page of professionally written text. But I was wrong. My resume could be good if I was just out of college. However, I am a highly qualified worker, and I am simply ashamed to submit such a resume. Their revision didn’t lead to anything, so I just spend a day to edit it and bring it to some normal shape. I won’t use this service again.

  7. Barton 10 Sep 2020

    I am glad that I used that writing service because a bad experience is also experience. Next time, I will be more careful when placing orders online. I ordered a cover letter with them, but when I got it, I saw too many mistakes and very confusing sentences. I do not know whether my writer was a native speaker, but he was surely not proficient in writing at all. After I claimed, they provided me with another writer who improved all that. I am glad that the final draft was better, but it all didn’t leave a good impression on me.

  8. Stacey 27 Aug 2020

    I would not recommend using this resume writing help. They did not help me at all, I just spent some good money on their ‘professional’ resume, and I think I wasted it. My resume contained a lot of mistakes and inaccuracies in the information and data I provided about myself and my working experience.

  9. Luke 25 Aug 2020

    I had seen a lot of reviews about resumewritinggroup.com before I used their services. They have a lot of positive reviews, so I trusted that. But I think the quality varies from one writer to another. My writer was not a native speaker, I believe, because the sentences he used in my resume sometimes didn’t make any sense. I wish they would improve the quality of their writers and content.

  10. Ali 28 Aug 2020

    I do not know how to describe my experience with resumewritinggroup.com. It was frustrating. I needed my new CV to be written quickly, and I set up the 3-days deadline. They didn’t violate the deadline and delivered it on time. However, the CV was not exactly what I wanted. It contained a lot of typos and had shortcomings. Although I asked for a revision, they were not very responsive to it. They finally did it, but as you can imagine, it took me many more days to get my final draft.

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