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Date published: 09/2020
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Careerperfect.com overview: general points

Careerperfect.com overview
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If you are looking for writing services to prepare your job-related documents, you may consider Careerperfect.com as one of your options. This company has already gained its extensive experience. It has many positive past reviews. However, we have noticed recent negative reviews about its work. We flagged such and decided to find out more about the work of Careerperfect.com. Hope the results of our work will help to make the best choice.

Range of Services

Let’s start with the services. Careerperfect.com is ready to write for your CVs, motivation letters, application letters, and similar types of documents. One interesting option they can provide is your e-resume. This service also promises you to help with your job searching and building your career.

Careerperfect.com overview

While looking through their website, you may find many useful resources and articles about different employment matters. They are related to the best length of a resume, the most effective resume formats, strategies for your resume writing, advice on how to include graphics correctly, and many other useful things.

Careerperfect.com overview

However, we were more interested in the practical implication of all this pieces of advice.

Pricing and Discount Policy

When you review their website, it can be challenging to find their information about pricing. Costs may vary depending on the type of resume you want to order and your intended position. For example, some entry-level CV will cost you around $130. A more comprehensive CV will cost you around $300. Here is one example.

Careerperfect.com overview

When you work with this service, you cannot expect discounts. From our point of view, their prices are high for the offered services.


This service promises nearly the best quality for all prepared documents. We decided to check this and looked through all the available reviews from its customers. Many of them tell about the poor quality of documents, errors, and outdated formats.

Careerperfect.com overview

So, their approach is not professional in all cases.


Careerperfect.com offers standard and minor guarantees for this type of service.

  • guarantee to revise your documents in case of dissatisfaction
  • money-back guarantee

We decided to check how all these things work. First of all, this service really can revise your document to meet all requirements. However, among negative reviews, we saw complaints from their customers related to the failed revisions. The writers did not grasp all requirements of their customers appropriately. In these cases, people asked for their refunds. At this point, we can also see how another guarantee works. We saw complaints from the customers about their failed refunds, especially after revisions. From this information, we can conclude that customers are not able to enjoy their rights in full.


Careerperfect.com ensures that you will get their support at any time you may require it. You may reach customer support representatives via email or phone. Alternatively, you may use their chat. We tried to check this point and looked for various reviews about their customer support. In fact, they are not always responsive and helpful. The customers may receive responses with delays. Very often, their communication cannot be called as effective. Just look at one example that we have found.

Careerperfect.com overview

In this case, a customer support representative was not helpful despite the fact that a client referred concerning the quality matters.

Online Reputation

This service has both negative and positive reviews. However, among negative reviews, we saw one claiming about the fraudulent nature of this service. Here is what one customer says:

Careerperfect.com overview

From our point of view, that is very bad.

Pros and Cons


  • very informative website
  • extensive experience


  • outdated templates
  • late delivery
  • weak customers support
  • high prices
  • quality of documents is poor


After completing our analysis, we cannot consider Careerperfect.com as a reliable service. First of all, its customers say about the poor quality of received documents, many silly mistakes, and the outdated formats. At the same time, prices for these services are comparatively high. Their customer service should definitely be improved because the customers face even with their ignorance. Another important point is the revision of documents. The service declares about its readiness to amend the documents upon the client’s request. However, in fact, it is difficult sometimes to make all adjustments promptly and correctly. Consequently, this results in delays for the customers. If they are still not satisfied, it is not guaranteed that they can refund money shortly. Thus, we cannot recommend this service.

FAQ about Careerperfect.com

What services can I get here?

You can get here writing and editing services for your job-related documents (CVs, application letters, motivation letters, etc.). Also, you may get different advice for your job searching and promotion. We cannot say anything about their consultancy services. But, unfortunately, we saw many negative reviews about the quality of prepared CVs and motivation letters.

What useful things can get here?

Well, despite many complaints about the poor quality of documents, you may get useful advice here about how to find a new job and build your career. They also have many interesting and useful articles. So, if you don’t like their services and want to write your CV on your own, you may read about different helpful tips.

Is this service legit and secure?

We saw many reviews from customers about their dissatisfaction related to the quality of documents. This means that Careerperfect.com is an existing company. However, at the same time, we saw even allegations that it was fraudulent. We treat this matter seriously and advise you to keep this service far from the first numbers on your list.

What about their customer support?

They should have more dedicated customer support representatives. It can be difficult to get prompt responses and provide your comments about the improvements you would like to see in your final draft. Moreover, some customers even faced with the ignorance of this service. In case of any urgent orders, this can be very confusing. Actually, you risk missing your deadline.

How does the service ensure the quality of my document?

It promises to involve only professional writers. At the same time, many reviews address exactly the quality matters, wrong formatting, and very silly mistakes. So, we have doubts about the skills and qualifications of their writers. We presume that they can be simply not native English speakers. Certain reviews also state that some received documents were outdated. So, the writers were likely to use old templates.

What about revisions?

This is one of the provided guarantees. The service promises to work on your order until you are 100 % satisfied. However, we saw reviews where its unsatisfied customers claimed about the difficulties during such revisions. The writers failed to meet all original requirements for the first time. Moreover, it was even difficult sometimes to reach them.

Will my resume be used for other orders?

Your documents are stored in their database. The writers use templates for completing new orders. However, such templates are old-fashioned. Some customers said about the wrong surnames in their CVs, likely from the documents of previous customers. So, we can conclude that Careerperfect.com writers can use the documents of other customers to make your CV or motivation letter. The same thing with your documents – they also can be used for completing other orders.

Can I assign a new writer?

We cannot say about this for sure. From their website and reviews of previous customers, we saw that Careerperfect.com focuses mainly on several revisions of your documents and refunds in case of the worst scenario.

Can I get my refund if I am not satisfied in any case?

Such an opportunity exists. However, in fact, you should have really substantial reasons for claiming your refund, like serious omissions from their side. The company aims to work on your CV or motivation letter up to your 100 % satisfaction. However, if it is impossible to achieve this result, obtaining your refund can take too much time. We didn’t see also any more or less clear criteria about reasons for claiming such refund and possible amounts you may get.

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10 responses to “Careerperfect.com overview: general points”

  1. Miley says:

    I think that most reviews on careerperfect.com are fake. I simply cannot believe someone could be happy with a resume written in poor English without any single knowledge of the field you work in. I wonder why I should format the ”professional” resume I paid for by myself. I think they are an absolutely irresponsible and unreliable service with a terrible approach to customers!

  2. Jody M. says:

    I do not complain much about the quality, but I didn’t like their customer support at all. After receiving my resume, I found some shortcomings in it, some inaccuracies in the information I provided. So I asked them to proofread and pay more attention to the information I wrote and edit the resume accordingly since this was their duty. They refused! I improved it on my own. However, the impression is not good. When the site calls itself professional, it should be professional in everything.

  3. Mona says:

    I do not like writing at all, so I decided to ask for professional help to create a good cover letter. I ordered an entry-level letter since I was just out of college. However, I do not think it was worth $150. I would probably write the same cover letter with my poor writing skills. I regret I paid so much money for what they provided me with!

  4. Ben says:

    Frankly speaking, I have no idea where all those positive reviews come from. I wonder whether I was the only one who didn’t have much luck with careerperfect.com. I think my resume was written not by a native English speaker. The person who wrote my resume had just some basic knowledge of English and no knowledge about the English writing style at all. My resume looked like Google translation from another language! It is terrible quality, and I will never use this service again.

  5. Gina says:

    Getting a professional resume help is great in terms of the modern rhythm of life. I am very thankful for such services because they save my time and money. I have used similar services before, and I know when you pay money, you can rely on them and get a good result. But my confidence in it was dispelled by careerperfect.com. The resume they wrote for me looked like the elementary school essay with tons of mistakes and shortcomings. I had an impression a pupil practiced in writing when I read it. I decided to ask them to improve that since their resumes cost tons of money! After long negotiations, they agreed to do it, but the final result wasn’t much better. I do not think they care much about their reputation and quality they provide. Very disappointing. Next time, I will be more careful about such services.

  6. Logan H. says:

    I ordered an executive resume on that site, but it looked more like the resume of an entry-level. No, it didn’t contain some obvious grammar mistakes, but its style reminded my high school writings. I do not think my writer was highly professional. I suspect he was a student making extra money.

  7. Felix says:

    I paid around $300 for my resume and cover letter from careerperfect.com, and I was sure to get a top-notch result. Excuse me, but both the resume and cover letter couldn’t be even called average. I had an impression they both were written within five minutes. Typos, errors, extra spacing – and all that you get for $300! Is it really worth it? I do not think so. I tried to get in touch with them for a free revision, but the process was much overextended, and I realized they are not interested in it. So I just had to correct all those mistakes and format my papers by myself!

  8. Alan B. says:

    Before placing my order on careerperfect.com, I found a lot of positive reviews about them on the web, so I thought I could trust this service. But I think now all those reviews or at least most of them were fake. My writer made tons of mistakes in my cover letter. No, I do not say she was not a native English speaker, but the letter was written irresponsibly. Negations with the customer support about a revision lead to nothing and just to wasting more time. Instead, they offer you to have a direct phone call with the writer but attention, it costs $50. My cover letter cost me around $200, so I wasn’t ready to pay $50 more for telling them to do what they had to do from the very beginning! I cannot call them a scam, but they are not reliable!

  9. Greg says:

    First of all, I didn’t like how their site works, and it is very difficult to navigate and find what you need. Placing an order is a bit complicated, too. I wish their site would be more user-friendly. The quality of my resume was not bad, so I do not complain about it. But the work of the site is really confusing.

  10. Courtney says:

    A job-winning resume is not what you will get from careerperfect.com. Unfortunately, the writer maybe was good, but I believe he was overloaded with orders. I was waiting for my promised resume for weeks instead of 3 days! I finally got it in 2,5 weeks of waiting and writing to them every single day. I already didn’t hope to get my resume at all frankly speaking.

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