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Date published: 07/2020
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Ziprecruiter Overview With Highlighting Key Points

Ziprecruiter Preview
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First of all, we need to understand what ziprecruiter.com is. In fact, this platform positions itself as one of the youngest in the field of employment marketplaces, where both people who need to find a suitable vacancy and employers turn to.

The location of this resource is California, while assistance is provided for people living in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Nevertheless, despite the latter, some users complained about appeals from applicants from other localities or countries, even if they indicated opposite settings. Alas, the shortcomings associated with the activities of this company do not end there. Let’s look at all the important aspects in more detail.

Range of Services

As was emphasized above, this resource provides assistance to both applicants and employers. For this reason, the scope of possible services is divided into two sections. Below we look at some of the key features provided by ziprecruiter.

The presence of a number of affiliate programs. Among other things, there is a variety of important functions, related to expanding the employer’s experience, including the website widget (ZipSearch), ZipAlerts, which promotes the possibility of sending notifications about the availability of vacancies of interest, as well as a referral program called ZipPost that promotes the attraction of any new business.

Another important aspect is industry solutions in the context of various fields that are extremely popular. Employers are given the opportunity to access templates, adjust the selected aspects, and invite applicants.

The last feature that we would like to mention is the possibility of constant communication with the support service for users who need help on any issue.

Despite all these advantages, very often users are faced with problems of a different nature, especially with regard to the latter services. All this makes the process of interacting with a website very risky.

Pricing and Discount Policy

Ziprecruiter Pricing

Perhaps, it’s worth starting the consideration of the issue of cost with one of the most magnificent advantages of ziprecruiter.com, which is the possibility of using the platform for applicants for free.

However, in the case of employers, the situation is different. There are such plans as Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. Each of them offers the start of work using the free version. Nevertheless, the price that follows after the expiration of this period is not indicated. What is more, information about the time during which you can use each of these plans for free is also missing. Only after completing the registration process with the indication of personal data you can access the ziprecruiter pricing policy.

According to the information received from the reviews, the trial period lasts about four days, while the starting price is 99 dollars per month, regarding the basic plan. When it comes to teams, the cost will be 149 dollars per month, and 229 dollars for corporations.


Although many customers were satisfied with the work of this service, and there are no less significant negative reviews highlighting one or another component of ziprecruiter.com malfunctioning. The latter makes one doubt the inimitable reputation of the resource despite the fact that its use is associated with such well-known companies as Netlfix, Burger King, Starbucks, and others.

In addition to a number of various problems, many people complain about the closing or removal of vacancies that they have applied to.


All kinds of platform pages note that the guarantee provided by ziprecruiter is 100%. In case of unmet needs related to the operation of the website, you can send a request via e-mail, and then the funds spent for the last month will be returned. At the same time, the fact of rather large time intervals for finding a suitable candidate significantly reduces the indicated percentage.

Also, many users shared their impressions, associated with big problems in the context of cost and frequent unreasonable withdrawals. This also calls into question the underlined impeccability.

However, among the components associated with the warranty, there are promises such as:

  • The possibility of a refund in case of dissatisfaction.
  • Full compliance with all wishes and the specified data.
  • Friendly and understanding support representatives who are ready to provide assistance at any moment.
  • Great work mobile application.


Ziprecruiter Contact

Each of the ziprecruiter pages contains a contact form and information on how to consult via telephone. Moreover, there is a live chat feature. At the same time, every section, devoted to both the employer and the applicant has detailed answers to a wide variety of questions.

Nevertheless, often the central element of many negative reviews is the support service. Their content emphasizes the lack of politeness or even ignoring the numerous attempts to get help. What is more, after increasing the cost of using the platform, the attitude of support representatives has not changed.

Online Reputation

Ziprecruiter Reputation

Of course, numerous positive reviews, and thanks telling about the excellent work of ziprecruiter.com can save users from any doubts about the quality level. However, negative feedback from customers sharing their deplorable experience working with this website is no less significant. The most popular topics that come up here are terrible communication with customer support and frequent financial frauds.

Some frustrated users talk about withdrawing more than $ 500 each month and refusing help in trying to fix these problems.

Do not bypass this item before starting an interaction with this company.

Pros and Cons

We have provided a fairly detailed description of the elements of the ziprecruiter mechanism of work in the previous paragraphs. By far, the most striking advantages are the ability to use the resource for free and unwillingness to stop there. But still, it’s worth dwelling on the shortcomings since they play a very important role in familiarizing themselves with the platform. Among the extremely significant problems encountered in this context is the following:

  • The risk of losing a huge amount of money.
  • Disrespect from representatives of support.
  • Empty promises.


Even considering all the positive features available in working with ziprecruiter.com, significant problems, associated with the most important elements, make a positive assessment of the platform impossible. For this reason, at the end of our review ziprecruiter gets 2.2/5.

FAQ That Consider Every Significant Detail

What is the key task of ziprecruiter.com?

This platform is one of services that helps people quickly and easily find employees for the company by publishing relevant vacancies. In addition, users who are interested in finding a job can also contact this resource. However, we recommend using other sources due to the big amount of negative testimonials about this company.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, ziprecruiter provides such an opportunity for people who are looking for employees for their company. The trial version lasts four days. At the end of this period, your assignment will be to choose the most suitable package or unsubscribe. At the same time, applicants can use the platform for free.

What about the usability of the website?

The ziprecruiter.com service has a simple but, at the same time, pleasant design. Thanks to this, everyone can quickly and easily cope with management. The most useful features are the ability to search, use keywords, or indicating the geographical range and a number of other amazing parameters. It is also worth noting the almost instant reaction of the website to user requests and the further receipt of notifications to the specified mailbox.

Do applicants have to pay for using this service?

Perhaps the only benefit regarding working with ziprecruiter.com is the possibility of free use for people who are interested in finding a job. But if you want to be 100% sure in a successful result, we recommend using another platform.

Can an employer resort to ziprecruiter?

Of course, this platform was created for this and played the role of a source, thanks to which you can solve the problem with all free vacancies in a short time. In addition to ziprecruiter.com, publications will appear on over a hundred job boards

What about the support service of this platform?

Actually, each page contains an emphasis on possible ways to connect with company representatives and clarify any kind of issues. In addition, you can use live chat. Also, many sections provide detailed information that addresses the most common user questions.

Is it possible to register for people who are not residents of the United States?

Yes, the use of this resource is also suitable for people who live in the United Kingdom or Canada. However, if you are hiring outside of these countries, you should consider a number of possible alternatives suitable for this purpose.

What else you should know about this?

The platform provides the opportunity to use a mobile application that occupies a key position among similar ones and applies to both iOS and Android users.

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  1. Moses 20 Aug 2020

    My experience with ziprecruiter.com was not very successful. I am an employer who was seeking employees for my company. The billing system is very doubtful. When you subscribe to them, you should click the ‘Daily Subscription’ button for placing your ad. They charged me for more than $500 even though I ended my subscription and removed my ad because I didn’t see any candidates who met my criteria. The worst recruiter ever!

  2. Maria 25 Aug 2020

    This service ziprecruiter.com might be good for employees but surely not for employers. I would not recommend anyone purchasing their services. Candidates posted on their site are not qualified, and it is impossible to find at least one person who would match your search criteria. The resumes of all the candidates are absolutely insufficient. Attention! If you do not use their service for months, you will still be charged thousands of dollars! Total scam!

  3. Andrew 22 Aug 2020

    The representative I communicated with on that site was Angelique. She was very helpful and responsive, so I cannot say anything bad about their representatives. But I do not think the site is for me. I did not find anything helpful on that site, none of the employers was suitable, so I just wasted my time.

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