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Date published: 01/2021
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Resumewriters And The Whole Truth About Cooperation

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The ResumeWriters.com brand was created back in 1999 and has not developed in any way today. There is no online chat on the site, but the interface attracts customers. Because the brand has been operating on the market for a very long time, we decided to check the quality of services. But we were surprised that the team did not have all the necessary skills. We studied each aspect in detail and made our review of cooperation with the service writers. We have discussed all the details below, so we hope that you will make the right choice.

Range of Services Resumewriters

ResumeWriters.com does not have a specific range of services, and its specialty is resume writing. There are also writers on the site who write cover letters. The services of this site can be divided into several categories:

  • Services for students;
  • Services for professionals;
  • Services for companies;
  • Services for the military;
  • Services for the newcomers;
  • Services for people who wish to change their profession.

Unfortunately, the above services are not enough, because in the twenty-first century the range of professions is increasing, but the site seems to have heard nothing about it. We hoped that the managers would probably give an additional list of services, but they only confirmed the site’s already present information. It should be concluded that the site representatives are stuck in the distant 2000 and do not know anything about the 2020 trends.


Pricing and Discount Policy Resumewriters

The Resumewriters brand has created eight packages that differ in price, quality, and function. If you need a document within 24 hours, you need the most expensive package, because its price is $ 299.95. This service includes resume writing, cover letter, LinkedIn profile.

Looking at the pricing policy and comparing it with other sites, we can conclude that the price is too high. But special thanks to them because they do not hide the pricing policy and write openly about it, unlike other companies.

There are discounts for regular customers, which is very convenient. These clients have lower prices for services. There is no information on the site that there is a discount for some days, but there is a discount for people who first asked for help. But to become a permanent client, you need to pay $ 100 extra, which is very strange. The question arises: If you buy documents for a long time, then you will not be a regular customer until you pay $ 100? It turns out so.



We were not surprised that the paper quality did not match the price. For many years, the team has not managed to recruit specialists who clearly understand how to help clients resume writing. Because we ordered paper for the first time, we were given the promised discount. But we concluded that this is just a marketing strategy since the writers do not care about which document will be issued to the client. Their behavior is similar to people who are tired of work and will create papers just for the money. Also, lexical, spelling, and punctuation errors were found in the document. The rating of this site is significantly reduced.


We expected that the service had created those guarantees that they are confident for so many years, but the situation that we saw finally upset us. Resumewriters.com does not provide a money-back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with the quality. If you have not asked for corrections within 60 days, you will refuse to change the text. But for regular customers, they can make an exception. But what about those who, out of fear and risk, first asked for help? There is no answer to this question since the earned money is a priority for the site.

But we managed to find several additional guarantees:

  • The uniqueness of the text;
  • Correction of the text within two months;
  • Data confidentiality.


We liked the fact that the support team answers the call quickly. But the fact that customer support only works for a certain amount of time means that you will not get advice 24/7. There was an impression that the mail that Resumewriters.com indicated on the site does not work at all because we did not receive an answer, not within a week, not within a month by the email that was sent.


Online Reputation

The site was popular in the early 2000s. Today Resumewriters.com lags behind its competitors in terms of service. They work the old way, forgetting that people need a modern perspective on the task. There are only a few reviews on the website, and they are all positive. We got the impression that representatives wrote them off the site. The lack of a real page with reviews indicates that the service hides from customers’ negative experiences of previously contacted buyers.

Yet, there are no reviews on independent platforms such as Sitejabber or Trustpilot at all. Thus we may consider that Resumewriters.com is not so popular among students. The other possible reason is that the company doesn’t care about its reputation and doesn’t encourage customers to leave reviews.


Pros and Cons

To give you a complete impression of the Resumewriters.com brand, we have prepared the site’s positive and negative sides.


  • There is a large selection of writers;
  • There is a large selection of payment systems;
  • There are samples on the site, based on which you can create your document.


  • The site loading speed is very low;
  • At night, no one will answer you;
  • If you write the email, then you may not be answered;
  • Samples have errors;
  • No information confirms the professional skills of the writers;
  • Inflated pricing policy.


After examining all the evaluation factors, we concluded that although the company is legit, over the years, it has forgotten about the quality of the paper. We cannot recommend the Resumewriters.com brand due to the high pricing policy, lack of guarantees. We are not sure if you will get a truly original resume that will impress the employer. The company promises many services, but in the end, they do not deliver on the benefits provided.

FAQ For Those People Who Have Thought About Cooperation With Resumewriters.com

Who creates the document?

The site states that an experienced writer is working on the document. But if you ask them for documents confirming the author’s qualifications, they will not be provided to you.

Does the site guarantee the reliability of personal data storage?

Resumewriters.com claims that they do not transfer information to banks, but if they have such a large selection of payment systems, there is no certainty that a third party will not get to your personal data. Also, writers have access to your data, and we are not sure that the author will not distribute your data to third parties.

Free fixes present?

The company claims that provided that you have comments on the work, they will fix it. Unfortunately, this is not the case; they can correct the document only if the author did not fulfill the requirements that you indicated when ordering. But we will please you that your warranty period is two months, which means you have every reason to request a fix.

How unique is this document?

Site representatives claim that your text will be 100% original. But we have proven otherwise. All resumes are written according to one template, and your document will be compiled in the same way, without any raisins.

Are the authors responsible for the content?

Writers only write a document based on the information that you provide. If your company has changed its name, no one checks the information. Therefore, review your order carefully before shipping, as fixes can be costly.

Will I receive the document on time?

The Resumewriters.com brand claims that they will provide you a document in any format and deliver the paper on time. We checked it on ourselves, and the document arrives on time without delay. But if you urgently need to write a resume, you need to pay more for such a package.

How long will it take to place an order?

The ordering procedure is lengthy, and you will have to spend a lot of time to place the order correctly.

Can I get a quick consultation?

Calls can only be made at certain times. If you need a consultation at night, no one will answer you. Likewise, on the weekend, you will not have the opportunity to contact support.

Are there any discounts?

Yes, discounts are available on the site, both for regular customers and for beginners. But to become regular customers and receive a discount, you need to pay $ 100, which in our opinion is considered absurd.

What is the pricing policy?

You need to pay for the document before the author starts work, which is very unprofitable since you may not receive the document and will not return the payment.

5 responses to “Resumewriters And The Whole Truth About Cooperation”

  1. Ichen says:

    Excellent analysis of the site! I was not embarrassed by the fact that the site has been working for a long time. On the contrary, I was confident that thanks to the ResumeWriters team, I could achieve success in my career. But I could not even think about what difficulties could await me. Thanks to you, I made the right choice and turned to other experts.

  2. Cerny says:

    Experts saved my career! I thought for a long time whether it is worth contacting the writers of the ResumeWriters.com website and decided to read your review. You pointed out the pitfalls that I couldn’t even see. If I had turned to them for help, I might not have been able to work for a successful company of lawyers. Now I know that you are a true team of professionals who know all the details. Thank you, I’m happy I didn’t make a mistake.

  3. Jordan says:

    I don’t know what we would do without experts who evaluate the services of sites like ResumeWriters.com. Thanks to you, I know how to navigate the aspects of assessment and find a writer who has all the skills. You opened my eyes and were able to prove that the experience of the site does not matter.

  4. Danny White says:

    Please read the reviews. They will set you on the right track! I wanted to update my resume and thought I needed a fresh look at ResumeWriters.com, but I knew I needed to read the reviews first. When I saw your review, I thought that I might have made a mistake and could be denied the right to a great career because of the wrong resume. You showed how the experience could affect services. You are right that the site will not provide new knowledge and specialists. Thank you for helping me get ahead. Otherwise, I could have lost my job.

  5. AJ Jackson says:

    Don’t believe everything that resume assistance services write! I believed that a site like ResumeWriters.com had the necessary experience. After all, it has been operating for many years. When I saw your honest review, I realized that seniority does not matter. I looked at the site with your eyes and realized that you are right in your conclusions. Thank you for helping me with a choice.

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