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Date published: 07/2020
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ZipJob Overview and Everything You Should Know

Zipjob Preview
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First of all, it should be noted that zipjob.com is not a very popular service to which a huge number of users resort. Many different reviews that are dedicated to this site has a limited number. Moreover, they created a large amount of time ago. Of course, these facts are not very bad, provided the quality of the service is excellent, but alas, this does not apply to zipjob, since most of the ratings are negative. Having decided to spend leisure time getting to know the reviews left on various platforms, you will notice that the expectations of users who applied for interviews were unjustified. Nevertheless, it is too early to draw final conclusions by labeling terrible quality. To reach a verdict, a more detailed consideration of all aspects related to the activities of this resource is necessary.

Range of Services   

First of all, it should be emphasized that the service range that appears on the zipjob is one of the most disappointing points of the platform. Other nuances that also require attention are the availability of a number of additional prices and the recommendation of communication with a support representative before the direct order process. The consequences of this are beating the offered price and increased risk in relation to making an order. For this reason, first of all, we strongly recommend you to contact customer support.

Now let’s take a closer look at the above three options for services.

A launch resume package includes elements such as curriculum vitae, the variety of unlimited revisions, keyword optimization, and the ability to communicate with the author without intermediaries. This is surprising, but based on the information set forth below, we learn that 1-on-1 communication is feasible only with a premium order.

Zipjob Services

Fast track resume package is another option, among which are curriculum vitae, a 60-day interview guarantee, and a cover letter. Also, there can use the functions that appeared in the previous package. However, this fact confirms the lack of warranty in the launch resume package.

The latest is a premium resume package, which, in addition to the content of all of the above features of zipjob.com, offers services such as LinkedIn update, expedited delivery, and future update. What is more, in this case, one of the best resource authors will work on your order.

Pricing and Discount Policy

The price indicated on the website is related to the type of package, which you choose. Nevertheless, don’t neglect to carefully study the price policy of the resource in the context of the existence of additional costs regarding federal resumes, Curriculum Vitae, and long orders.

Zipjob Pricing

To purchase a package, you will have to spend a fairly large amount of money. Even taking into account the fact that zipjob is not the most popular site in the field of providing such services, it is more than expensive. To get the cheapest package that will be delivered within about six days, you will have to spend 139 dollars. The most disappointing fact is the lack of any significant features. In fact, you receive only a resume and, what is more, without warranty.

The other two packages will cost you $189 and $299 that is also a very high price and, in many cases, unjustified.


Very often, customers receive unremarkable resumes that can be easily found on the Internet and without spending such fabulous amounts. Also, the texts do not differ due to uniqueness, not to mention the keyword optimization. Moreover, the cover letter may be full of various mistakes.

Even if we take into account some of the advantages of zipjob.com, the quality of order execution significantly worsens the experience of working with the platform. It also turns out that the guarantees are not significant in the opinion of the website representatives, and when you try to get a revision, they respond with the need for almost two months of waiting and providing evidence confirming the absence of free checking.

All these aspects significantly reduce the level of customer safety, who do not receive the expected level of quality that corresponds to the cost.


We seamlessly approached the most controversial part of zipjob work. Previously, this topic has already been raised. First of all, you should be prepared for the fact that only fast track and premium resume packages offer the opportunity to receive a two-month interview guarantee. However, in many situations, even this becomes rather dubious. In the previous paragraph, we described this issue in detail, highlighting that the promised warranty isn’t really valid.

However, if we close eyes to these shortcomings and consider the promises of the resource regarding your future resume, the guarantees will be the following:

  • The presence of a large amount of experience from the authors, each of which is located in the United States of America.
  • Content of a number of keywords.
  • Opportunity to make an unlimited number of revisions.
  • 1-on-1 communication with your author.


ZipJob Contact

The first thing that needs to be noted is the fact that you can contact the zipjob.com support only for limited hours. To do this, use a telephone or email. Nevertheless, very often, this service ignores phone calls, even if the specified hours are consistent. To receive the answer to an e-mail you will have to wait for about two days, but don’t be sure that its contents will be expected. You can find out the information according to which there is a lack of the right to receive free revision earlier than 60 days after the interview.

However, it is not a fact that after this period you will be able to receive a satisfactory answer and fulfillment of promises.

Online Reputation

Zipjob Reputation

As the content of a wide variety of reviews shows, many users were dissatisfied with the results of the zipjob activity. Customers have been faced with deception, disregard by support, an abundance of grammatical, punctual, and other types of mistakes, or simply disrespect.

In fact, reviews play a very important role in getting acquainted with the work of different websites. For this reason, we strongly recommend carefully read other people’s experiences. Perhaps, this will help you protect yourself and not lose a large number of funds.

Pros and Cons

Actually, the list of the advantages, which can be found on zipjob.com is not very big and concerns only the excellent design of the resource so that the user can quickly and easily deal with the management. At the same time, the number of flaws is much larger while some of the brightest are:

  • Failure to fulfill promises.
  • The lack of opportunities to contact and get help from the support team.
  • Very large and often unjustified prices.


Taking into account all of the above aspects regarding interaction with zipjob, we simply cannot appreciate this resource. The terrible quality of resumes, the problems with the support service, the controversial situation with the promised guarantees and other significant problems contribute to the low rating, that is 2.6/5.

 FAQ – Everything That Is Necessary

 What is the key purpose of the Zipjob?

In fact, zipjob.com is one of the resources, where people who need help with creating a correct resume can turn to a writer, discussing every details.

 How is placing an order carried out?

After purchasing one of the three proposed packages, fill out the form, whose core is a career, and indicate the key positions in which you are interested. The next step is to download the existing Curriculum Vitae. In the absence of this, you simply need to details all the details that are important for writing. When all this is implemented, you will meet the author of the future resume.

What about privacy?

ZipJob tells that all the information provided and the prepared resume will be classified at the highest level.

 Is it possible to complete the order on the weekend?

 Unfortunately, no. Despite the fact that a large number of our authors can do work on weekends, the information on the website is limited to business days.

Are the authors of ZipJob professionals?

They say that each writer who works on this platform has vast experience and undergoes the most stringent control, which confirms his professionalism. However, we found many negatives testimonials from customers.

When can I contact the writer?

The only step that separates you from getting to know the author of future work is to purchase a resume package. Immediately after this, you will be given the opportunity of permanent and safe 1-on-1 communication.  But you cannot contact the writer before the payment.

Is there a possibility of a telephone conversation?

Of course, you can resort to communication with a phone call. However, firstly, customers need to make an additional purchase. You should also remember that there is the possibility of constant correspondence.

What about a money-back guarantee?

Zipjob.com does not provide this service to users.

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11 responses to “ZipJob Overview and Everything You Should Know”

  1. Harry P says:

    Terrible experience. This company will extort you in order to give them 5-star reviews. They refuse refunds unless you review. Complete criminals!

  2. Zachary says:

    I will just say that the on-time delivery is a lie because I didn’t get any draft on the 4th-6th day as it was claimed. I got in touch with them on day 7 to ask how the process was going. Only after that, I got my draft! It was not bad but with some shortcomings which I asked to improve and they did it shortly.

  3. Norton says:

    I have the impression that my writer has nothing to do with my technical field. I supposed I would be assigned someone who is at least familiar with my job and profession. Otherwise, how can a person who has no idea about my profession write an efficient cover letter? I do not think they have specialists in all the fields they claim. It looks like one or a couple of people are simply creating all the content. I do not even know if I can call those re-written templates content! So do the math!

  4. Joanna Wilson says:

    An absolutely useless service. I can reformat my old resume on my own and I am still able to add my new information to my old resume. I requested to write a new resume from scratch based on my new information! Instead, I got just a reformatted old resume at an unbelievable price.

  5. John Murdock says:

    When I pay for some services (and zipjob.com is quite expensive), I expect to get everything promised on their site. But you better do not expect that because you will spend tons of nerves and a huge amount of time asking your writer to edit your resume and do everything as you requested.

  6. Mariah says:

    I will just share my experience with zipjob.com, and I hope it will help someone to make the right choice. If you already have your CV or have enough knowledge of how to write it, I would not recommend using this service. Everything they write is written only based on their own standards. All of my recommendations and requests were ignored by my writer, and when I asked to edit it, they simply refused to say they know it better how my CV should look like. My old resume was simply reformatted and sent back to me! And I paid it more than $100. Haha, I could do the same thing by myself absolutely free!

  7. Martin Whitmore says:

    I cannot say that I am totally disappointed or mad with zipjob.com, but I am surely not satisfied. My cover letter was far from being called a perfect one, and I requested my writer to review it and improve. I couldn’t submit it like that. He agreed to edit my cover letter for free and did that. I do not understand why he couldn’t write as it was necessary from the very beginning. But at least, my final draft was ok, and I was happy I didn’t waste money. However, I have lost some time due to that revision and all the discussion, and it didn’t leave a good impression.

  8. Patricia says:

    I wonder who their writers are? I got my CV with a huge bunch of mistakes, both spelling, and punctuation. No, it wasn’t written by a native English speaker. And not even by a professional non-native speaker. It was written by some amateur with poor knowledge of English! Everything written on the site isn’t true!

  9. Michael says:

    My zipjob.com writer (unfortunately, do not remember her name now and I didn’t save the correspondence with her) just took my old resume provided by me, changed some information, and sent it back to me. And this is called ‘resume from scratch’! And such a service will cost you a fortune! Of course, I didn’t leave it and got in touch with my writer and required to edit it. However, her responses were too slow. When I got in touch with their customer support, I got almost no reaction. I did not get any refund or at least partial compensation. They said the order was complete! Nothing more but a scam!

  10. Carmen says:

    I could call this service a scam probably. They claim to provide resumes written by professional and qualified native English speakers. I must say I could write a better resume when being a high school student, so I suppose my resume was written by some student-freelancer within a matter of thirty minutes. Terrible cheating!

  11. Jordan says:

    100% disappointed with that service. They have changed my writers twice. My first resume writer wasn’t even a native English speaker, and I noticed that at once. After my claim, they apologized and assigned another writer with an American name. However, the quality was not better. The deadline was missed, and it made me sad about wasting my time and money. I will never use zipjob.com again.

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