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Date published: 12/2020
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Resumevalley.com Review From The Experts

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Today, people can be divided into two categories. Some people who decide to seek help from experts do not study the site and completely trust the writers. Others are those people who prefer to study all the advantages and disadvantages of the service before starting a partnership. Site research does not always give an accurate result, but we know the secrets to study the service. We want to review the resumevalley.com and share it with our impressions.

Range of Services Resumevalley.com

This site does not have a wide range of services. But at the same time, it has basic services that are popular among customers. Resumevalley.com creates a resume, cover letter, CV, and helps with your LinkedIn profile. The site has its regular customers. But if you compare their work with more successful companies, they are lagging. They do not give any information about when you will receive the work after placing the order. Likewise, managers are not responsible for the quality of the paper. You will not find information about what writers fulfill your order and whether they are in this area.


Pricing and Discount Policy Resumevalley.com

The resumevalley.com price list is very different; some services are overpriced, others are available. For example, if you want to place an order for a cover letter, then on average, its price is $ 25. The price for an electronic resume is $ 19. As for the resume, its price is sometimes considered overpriced. So the price can range from $ 69 to $ 199. The base price is already indicated on other resume writing sites and does not change during the order. On this site, you can be deceived by overstating the price, explained by the fact that your specialty is challenging, and it is not easy to draw up a document. But there are promotions where you can get a free cover letter, which is the site’s main advantage. There are also discounts on the site, depending on the day, for example, on a holiday on Halloween, New Year, etc.



For a client, quality comes first when ordering service. If you study the samples that the site exposes for all general viewing, they are pretty standard and do not differ in anything special. But we found several shortcomings, due to which the candidate may receive a refusal from the employer. Judging by the ratio of price and quality, we can say with certainty that this is justified. There are many positive and negative reviews on the site. To make sure which of them are true, we made an order. When we received the paper, there were many mistakes, which indicates that the author of the paper is not competent and does not understand the task. We returned the document and refused to pay for it.


The resumevalley.com brand prides itself on providing a money-back guarantee if a customer is dissatisfied with the quality. This proposal looks very tempting, but if you study it in more detail, the site’s information looks deceiving. The money-back-guarantee is received not by those people who found errors in the document or did not like the quality, but by those who faced such a situation:

  • If your order is not finished. For example, when ordering, you indicated certain wishes, then made a payment, but the author did not fulfill these conditions. In this case, you can sue since the rule of the contract was violated, that is, you fulfilled all the conditions, and the company made mistakes;
  • If there is no writer for your task. This situation can arise under such conditions: you paid for the order, indicating the time frame, but the site did not select the author and, accordingly, did not complete the task. In this case, you can count on a refund;
  • If you paid an amount more than indicated by the site managers. When a client, due to carelessness, pays the amount more, but the main thing is to contact the manager in time with a payment receipt, and in this case, you will be refunded.


The resumevalley.com support service is stable, but the attitude towards customers leaves much to be desired. The company offers its services via the Internet and works 24/7. In this regard, you can ask for help at any time, but the manager’s response may take several hours. Therefore, if you need to urgently resolve the issue, then perhaps your appeal does not give any results. Thus, the company is irresponsible to the client and deceives them because it works very quickly. We have conducted research, and we can confidently say that you will not receive the assistance you need around the clock. Even if you call the company, you may not be answered or may not receive feedback.


Online Reputation

We cannot say that their reputation is impeccable, and they have a lot of positive reviews. Judging by the customer comments, they are of average quality, and opinions are divided. Of course, at first, the site provides positive reviews, but you can find bad ones as well. But you must understand that working with a dubious company is not your best choice. Give preference to those companies in which we are confident. Even though the company has been working on the market for several years, they could not establish stable work and choose each client’s approach.


Pros and Cons

To give you a complete impression of the resumevalley.com brand, we have prepared the site’s positive and negative sides.


  • this company has affordable prices that is why many students choose this site;
  • there is a large selection of writers;
  • online chat with the author, where you can control the process of writing a document;
  • there is a large selection of payment systems;
  • a cover letter comes with a resume, but the promotion has its limitations;
  • there are samples on the site, based on which you can create your document.


  • the team does not know whether the paper will be delivered on time, which indicates fraud and irresponsibility;
  • the site loading speed is very low;
  • at night, no one will answer you, even though they indicated 24/7 support;
  • if you call the phone number, then you may not be answered or even called back;
  • samples have errors;
  • no site creation history;
  • no information confirms the professional skills of the writers.


To summarize all of the above, we can conclude that resumevalley.com has affordable prices, but is not responsible for the quality. This means that if you want to get approval from the employer, then the resume written by this company will not impress the recruit. Please do not rush to pay for the order, wait for the work, study it carefully, and only make the payment. Otherwise, you will not see a refund because they are reluctant to make concessions, and money is dearer.

Questions and Answers About Resumevalley.com

Who Will Write Your Document?

The site states that an experienced writer is working on the document. But if you ask them for documents confirming the author’s qualifications, they will not be provided to you. This means that a freelancer with no experience is working on the paper.

Is Your Information Kept Confidential?

Resume Valley claims that they do not transfer information to banks, but if they have such a large selection of payment systems, there is no certainty that a third party will not get to your personal data.

Can I Personally Meet With Company Representatives?

No, you don’t have such an opportunity. Resumevalley.com provides services online and does not have an office.

Can I Make Adjustments to the Document While Writing?

The company claims that provided that you have comments on the work, they will send them. Unfortunately, this is not the case; they can correct the document only if the author did not fulfill the requirements that you indicated when ordering. All other edits are not free for you.

Can Writers Create a Universal Resume for Many Specialties?

If you have a wide range of professional skills, they will most likely be divided into several resumes. Writers do not know how to write a universal resume for many firms.

Are Writers Responsible for the Information Provided?

If you apply for the order, the company’s name where you are applying for a job changed, then no one will check it. Writers only write a document based on the information that you provide.

Does the Site Guarantee That I Receive the Document?

The resumevalley.com brand claims that they will deliver you a document in any format, but there is no information about whether they can handle it quickly.

Is It Convenient to Place an Order?

The ordering procedure is lengthy, and you will have to spend a lot of time to place the order correctly.

5 responses to “Resumevalley.com Review From The Experts”

  1. Jackson says:

    Choose only the best! If you dream of becoming a successful employee who will be hunted by many companies, you should have a resume that will impress everyone. You can’t do without a professional, so I decided to turn to resumevalley.com for help. But when I saw your review, I realized how wrong I was. I could never have thought that the authors of the site could embellish their services so much. Thank you for the truthful information, now I know how to choose the best specialists and not make a mistake.

  2. Hugo says:

    Read expert reviews, so you can avoid getting scammed. I recently graduated from university and did not know anything about how to submit a resume correctly. I should reach out to the writers for resumevalley.com. I’m happy that I like to check a lot and did the same this time. Before making an order, I read a review on your website and concluded that there is no need to cooperate with this service. Thank you for keeping me out of a bad resume, or my career might not have started.

  3. Max M. says:

    Making the right choice is easy, thanks to you! Every person who wants to build a good career in a successful firm should have a great resume. So I decided that resumevalley.com might help me with this. How wrong I was in my choice. I’m happy that I could find your review. Otherwise, I would have faced a fiasco.

  4. Jacob says:

    Most truthful review I’ve seen! I dream of a brilliant career in medicine, and I can’t do without a resume. I do not have the necessary writing qualities and decided to turn to resumevalley.com to read the reviews before these. I have visited many sites, but the information you provided I think is the best. You have many factors by which you evaluate it, which means that you did good research. Thank you for helping people make the right choice and not fall into the hands of scammers.

  5. Kate says:

    I can save myself from mistakes. Thanks to the fact that the experts put together a truthful review of resumevalley.com, I could save myself from bad collaboration. All information provided by you has many aspects of the assessment. Your work deserves praise, as you help many people not make mistakes and thereby give recommendations to whom they should not turn for help.

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