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Date published: 07/2020
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TopCV Overview And Important Aspects That You Need To Consider

Topcv Preview
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Founded by Jeff Berger, topcv.com platform is one of the most experienced players in providing assistance with the creation of Curriculum Vitae. Among the many emphasized advantages of the representatives of this company, one can find excellent management skills and a wide variety of strategies.

Of course, the abundance of good reviews from impressed customers can convince a person who is interested in getting an excellent resume or job search. Nevertheless, a more thorough consideration of the operating principles of this resource may undermine this confidence.

Range of Services

TopCV Services

The main activities of this company are based on the compilation of high-quality Curriculum Vitae and all related phenomena, including keyword optimization, high-quality formatting, and help with writing a cover letter. The starting point for the provision of these services is the choice of one of three packages, among which are Professional Growth, Career Evolution, and Executive Priority options. In addition to this, topcv is engaged in consultations in the context of career issues helping to occupy a key position among other competitors.

Nevertheless, usually, all of these advantages may encounter a negative assessment of users, who were dissatisfied with one or another aspect of the platform that can cause doubt regarding its reputation.

Pricing and Discount Policy

Topcv Pricing

As was emphasized in the previous paragraph, this platform offers users the opportunity to choose the most suitable package based on their wishes and financial situation. Let’s look at each of them.

The cheapest of all possible options is Professional Growth, the cost of which is 129 euros. The main service that you will receive by purchasing this package is a professionally written and formatted Curriculum Vitae with relevant keyword optimization.

The next package is called Career Evolution. In addition to the functions contained in the previous option, using it, you will receive a cover letter with two subsequent revisions and a two-month interview guarantee. It is the most popular package and costs 189 euros.

The last one is Executive Priority, that also includes previous functions. In addition, in this case, the list of possible services is replenished with a two-day delivery and LinkedIn Makeover. The cost of this package is the highest among others and amounts to 349 euros.

Everyone can notice that the indicated prices are too huge when taking into account a small number of services. However, it should be noted that topcv.com offers an opportunity of getting a free resume review.


Many bad reviews are evidence that the fabulous prices discussed above are not consistent with the quality. Frustrated users focus on the fact that the promised professionalism is illusory.

Even in the case of buying the most expensive Executive Priority package, a written resume may contain an extremely large number of mistakes of various kinds. One such shortcoming may be the use of synonyms for replacement words, which makes the content completely meaningless.

In addition, often, contacting support also does not bring the desired results, exacerbating the situation.


Despite the fact that the done work and the different elements of the website may have a very low level of quality, topcv assures users of the opposite, emphasizing cooperation with more than 1000 professional authors. Careful consideration of the guarantees, which are presented here, highlights the following:

  • The writer who will create the resume is an expert in the industry that you indicate
  • Curriculum Vitae will definitely pass through the ATS
  • Absolute privacy
  • The opportunity to get a free resume, subject to a two-month silence. (available only in Executive Priority)


Topcv Support

Even if there are no prerequisites for contacting support, the consideration of this aspect is a very important part of working with any site providing such services among the methods that the topcv offers are email and telephone communications during business hours. Moreover, there is an opportunity to discuss all necessary nuances on such world-famous platforms as Instagram, Twitter, and others.

However, complaints regarding the lack of a response to a request for help or simply disrespectful communication are contained in many negative reviews.

Online Reputation

People, who encountered poor site performance and many diverse shortcomings, share their disappointing experiences, warning other people against spending a huge amount of finance. You should definitely take the time to review user ratings and chew it over.

Topcv Reputation

Pros and Cons

Against the background of poor results, the lack of proper assistance from the support service and a number of significant problems, even a free CV review along with other advantages seem insignificant. Among the cons, most weighty are:

  • The mismatch of huge prices with the quality of work performed.
  • Lack of necessary support.
  • The abundance of various mistakes in the content of the text.


A detailed study of the features and principles of the service shows that in spite of the promised professionalism, quality, and quick resolution of issues of any kind, the experience of many customers indicates the opposite. In the context of this, we evaluate the activity of the topcv platform at 2.3/5

FAQ And Everything What Should Be Analyzed

For what purpose was created topcv.com?

First of all, the goal of the service is to create high-quality Curriculum Vitae and advise users regarding various nuances associated with a career.

What features are offered to users of the platform?

Everyone, who decides to seek help in topcv gets the opportunity to choose one of three packages, each of which has a unique value and features. In addition, the user can get a free check of CV, which he provides, using Executive Priority. Also, the customer can at any time contact the support team via a telephone, email, or even Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Which implies the possibility of obtaining a free review?

Taking into account the wishes and interests of both recruiters and hiring managers, topcv.com strives to constantly improve and expand its functions.

After placing a request for a free review, you will receive absolute confidential analysis from highly qualified writers with consideration of all the components of thr resume as well as recommendations that can improve it.

What about a more detailed description of the packages that are present on the website?

The cheapest option, called Professional Growth, offers expert CV writing, taking into account both formatting and keyword optimization. The purchase of this package will cost you €129. The second and most popular Career Evolution option also offers these services in addition to which you will receive a cover letter and the possibility of revisions—the cost €189 euros. The third package, called Executive Priority, is the most expensive and costs €349. Here, in addition to the functions, which present in the previous two options, there is the creation of a LinkedIn Profile and a two-month warranty.

How is the process of writing a resume?

Topcv collaborates with a wide array of professional authors and over sixty industries. Turning to this company, you will receive a high-quality resume, taking into account all the requirements, wishes, and such nuances as formatting and keyword optimization.

During the process of completing the order, you will maintain constant communication with the author, which contributes to a high level of professionalism and quality. After reviewing the provided information, the writer will create the primary version, that you will check, clarifying all the important points and recommending certain edits.

How can platform representatives receive customer information?

The site features the possibility of filling out a questionnaire, thanks to which expert will receive information about the work experience of the applicant and all the important nuances that he considers it necessary to tell. This process does not take a lot of time, while the stated facts will be able to pre-compile the basis for the future Curriculum Vitae. Despite the fact that this aspect is not mandatory, the questionnaire helps save time for both the author and the applicant.

How a user can contact the author?

Communication between the author and the user is a central component of the resume creation process and is carried out using the topcv resource. Thanks to this, the client is given the opportunity to regularly review finished drafts with subsequent proposals regarding changes.

The whole process of writing a Curriculum Vitae is based on the joint work of applicants. A key source of future paper will be your old CV. In case of his absence, the author will provide a small questionnaire, the completion of which can fill in all possible gaps in the information.

Is the appeal of the company mandatory for each applicant?

No, not every person, who is interested in finding suitable vacancies, needs creating a Curriculum Vitae with the help of a professional service that deals with these issues. For this reason, the topcv offers the opportunity to receive a free review that can determine the literacy and quality of your resume. Thanks to this, you can get information about all the shortcomings and eliminate them in time.

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10 responses to “TopCV Overview And Important Aspects That You Need To Consider”

  1. George Steven says:

    Listen, guys, if you are ready to pay over $100 for just a template with your name in it, then choose topcv.com. But if you want to get a good resume that would bring you a good job, then avoid wasting your money on their site. Maybe they try, but they do not manage to provide their customers with good quality, so at least the prices should be much lower.

  2. CJ says:

    I can say that my topcv.com resume was written on a high school level by some students probably. Professional? They have never heard this word because such quality can be good if you just graduated from college and want to get at least some job. But if you are a highly qualified worker with years of experience, you will be ashamed to submit such a resume even!

  3. Mariam Kandahar says:

    I am not a native English speaker, but I have been living in the UK for all my life and am an educated person, so I know very well how my professional resume should look like. When I applied to topcv.com, I was very clear about how my final draft will look and what I want them to write. I just am not very familiar with such writing, so I wanted it to be polished by a professional to be sure of the quality. But I was really surprised when I saw my resume was written absolutely in a different manner. The facts I provided were misused. It contained stylish mistakes. After my claim, they just replied the resume is written according to the latest standards. Only they know what kind of standards they were!

  4. Brian Zhao says:

    I definitely do not recommend this service. The quality is below average, and the prices are really exaggerated. I cannot say my CV was terrible, but it was not as good as I expected. As for me, it is a waste of time and money. My friend, who is a sophomore, writes better CVs!

  5. Kristy says:

    I would recommend everyone to stay away from that resume writing service. Their resumes are written by someone who knows English as I know Japanese (and I know nothing about that language). I was shocked – over $100 for just one page of my resume that looked like a poor free template written by an amateur from Sri Lanka. Terrible service, better write your resume on your own, and you will have better quality for free!

  6. Nancy Watson says:

    I live in the UK, and I requested a CV for the UK market. I first contacted their customer support to make sure they can do that, so only after that, and I ordered my CV and cover letter. But when I got my order (it was delivered on time, I must say), I realized that everything was written for an American employer and had nothing to do with the UK standards. The terminology was absolutely irrelevant. When I got in touch with their customer support, they replied that my order was complete, so I cannot get any refund or revision!

  7. Lola says:

    I agree with other people, their quality is good if you are just at the start of your search and career path, but if you are a professional worker who respects her experience, you should avoid topcv.com. Their resumes are not worth a penny and not even a single minute of your time.

  8. Luke says:

    They took over 130 pounds for just one page of my resume. I do not complain about the quality, it was average (cannot say perfect), but the price is unbelievably high for just one page. If I need the same services again, I will just ask some freelancers to do it for me at a much lower cost.

  9. Mary says:

    topcv.com is not the best service you can choose. Their quality leaves much to be desired. First of all, I paid a lot of money for my cover letter to be sure that it will be literally ideal and written by a native English speaker who at least has some idea in what he is doing. But I got just some template with some of my data in it. I can truly say that it was not written from scratch. It was plagiarized! The only unique lines in my resume were my name, surname, and some of my data. And that’s it! I do not even think my writer was a native because I noticed some mistakes in it. In other words, it is not worth its money.

  10. Jacob says:

    My experience with topcv.com was not the best one. I have ordered not just my CV but also my LinkedIn profile. I am a top manager and needed my profile to be improved and made it appealing to new companies. But what I got was far from sounding perfect. My CV was just a copy-paste of my further information, and my LinkedIn profile contained some grammar mistakes. I do not think I have been assigned a qualified writer as they promised. These two items cost me a lot of money, and I expected them if not to be perfect but at least contain no mistakes. In fact, I asked for a revision and editing, and I got it, but the process lasted very long. A waste of precious time and nerves.

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