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Date published: 05/2021
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Lets Eat Grandma Overview You Should Look Though

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This review is for providing you a more or less comprehensive description of the resume writing service Lets Eat Grandma. Our expert anonymously made an overview of this web portal and provided comments about things he experienced and treated as not suitable for a good service. In this overview, we will inform you and warn you about the crucial points of the work this service provides.

Range of Services

Let’s Eat Grandma is focused on rendering resumes and cover letter writing services mostly. They can create a new sample or edit the existing one. Local writers can suggest formatting options and templates. To get your resume, it is necessary to complete a questionnaire only. The writer will process your request and provide you the ready sample in approximately seven days. The service doesn’t offer a wide range of services. That could be good if not the quality they provide to customers.

Pricing and Discount Policy

Let’s Eat Grandma has a wide range of pricing options, and all of them are expensive. If we speak about the starter package that the service calls affordable, it may cost you $359. This package includes a resume and cover letter.

letseatgrandma com pricing

More likely advanced options may cost you around $69 (that is for an accelerated package) and $599 (for a premium package). For an accelerated package, you will get an additional review of your LinkedIn profiles and updates for your documents, respectively.

letseatgrandma com prices

For a premium package, you will get extra reviews of your resume and cover letter along with LinkedIn updates. This option will likely ensure further support during the reviewing of a job application.

The service fails to provide sufficient discounts and doesn’t develop a sufficient loyalty policy.


The quality of services is average for those rates the customers pay for such services. You will not get a totally customized resume here. Our experts have identified that. For that rate of the service charges, you can get more quality documents from other services. What makes us say so?

The delivered documents may suffer in terms of formatting, structuring, and arranging the content in it. If we speak about formatting, the samples may be outdated a bit. Colors may be old-fashioned. The structure of a resume may look generally well, but it is far from perfect for sure. Also, the content is presented briefly. However, certain details important for making a candidate distinct are omitted. That is not very good while making a resume; shorter should not impact the quality of content.


  • likely professional resume writing
  • timely delivery
  • confidentiality of interaction
  • customer satisfaction


What can we say about the support team? Let’s Eat Grandma has its support team, but it is not very well-organized, from our point of view. Agents sometimes fail to address elementary issues and are not responsive in all cases. This causes delays and missed information. We hope that the service experiences this issue only occasionally.

Here is how their support appears.

letseatgrandma com contacts

Let’s Eat Grandma should also think about the quality control department to ensure the quality and support aspects of their operation.

Online Reputation

We have seen many positive reviews about this service but have doubts about its origin. At the same time, we saw other feedback, more negative. They claimed mostly the quality of services and proper support. These are the most important aspects of any resume writing service as you may pay a lot but need to get a document of proper quality in the end. And, of course, you need to get sufficient support while communicating with the assigned writer. All issues should be resolved properly. As some customers claim, these issues have failed to be realized by the service.

Pros and Cons

Lets Eat Grandma has certain pros of its service you should draw attention to:

  • easy sign-in process
  • flexible communication with resume writers
  • can write briefly

At the same time, Lets Eat Grandma has certain drawbacks you should pay attention too also:

  • average quality of services
  • too long general turnaround time
  • high rates and the absence of discounts


We never recommend you using Let’s Eat Grandma services. Our expert saw obvious discrepancies between the prices they want customers to pay for their services and the quality of such services. Resumes were too outdated, without taking into account certain peculiarities of the case a customer told about. They also deliver documents for review nearly before the deadline, while such resumes have to be rendered at least beforehand.

So, what are key aspects that worried our experts and us during the assessment of this service?

  • poor quality
  • ineffective support
  • comparatively high costs and absence of discounts

Taking into account these deficiencies, we recommend you avoid this concrete service and search for alternative options in the market. Pay attention to customer reviews and guarantees the service offers. If a service emphasizes the safety of interaction and guarantees for such, this case is a worthy place to cooperate with. We cannot consider Let’s Eat Grandma as a service of this kind and recommend you avoiding this resume-making platform.

FAQ about Lets Eat Grandma

What Is the General Impression about This Service?

This is an average service with high prices for that quality they offer. It has a good interface of a website that was convenient to use and navigate. Still, that was not the main point about any resume writing service. From the first communication with Lets Eat Grandma service agents, it was clear that something could go wrong. They provided too general answers. Perhaps, they could fail to communicate all requirements properly. But, that is not very important. The first impression was that the service was not very much reliable.

What Services They Deliver?

Their major specialization is providing resume writing services. They promise to cope with writing nearly any resume writing request for any area. In fact, our expert concluded that was not true in general. All obtained samples from Let’s Eat Grandma were too generalized and looked like templates. That was not very much acceptable as each resume should be adapted to a particular request.

What about Price of This Service

They charge quite too much for the delivered quality. General samples they produce are amended more or less but not enough. But, they can cost less, we believe. And these prices are higher than the average one in the market. Also, discounts are not available, and that makes prices more than unattractive. Let’s Eat Grandma doesn’t worry too much about making a flexible pricing policy.

Does Their Support Team Work Well?

Our experts didn’t experience that. We consider the support team of Let’s Eat Grandma as weak and ineffective. It takes a lot of time to wait for a response to ordinary issues that may arise. That is not the case if a customer needs one’s resume urgently. It is too complicated to connect with their support as they don’t respond at once. If a certain problematic issue arises, it should take time to handle that. That takes too long, we think.

Is This Service Confidential?

They actually don’t provide any direct guarantees about this matter. We have doubts about the matter they will intentionally share personal data of customers, but they don’t pay a lot of attention to security matters. That became obvious for us at first glance. Let’s Eat Grandma is not effective enough in this aspect, while this issue is highly important.

What About the Quality Delivered by this Service?

We consider this quality not sufficient. It is far from perfect. The samples Lets Eat Grandma delivers appear to be simple templates that are corrected a bit to make a customer confident that this sample is the exact one. They should work better to provide the quality respective to prices they charge for their services. That is not an issue to provide such, we believe. We saw samples of service that performed better for the same rates.

What about Deadlines for Getting the Ready CV?

Let’s Eat Grandma should be more attentive to that aspect as sometimes getting a ready CV may be required urgently, and there cannot be enough time for revising that sample to make it at least compliant with the initial requirements. They deliver the ready document nearly before the deadline. Our opinion that a client should at least review that document thoroughly and make sure that everything is made well there. Let’s Eat Grandma should be more customer-oriented in this case. Our opinion is that such delivery should be beforehand to have a chance to correct all possible problematic points. That is normal and should be for a good service.

How Can You Summarize the Offer of this Service?

From our point of view, it is far from perfect. The service requires substantial enhancement in terms of the quality of services it offers, prices that it charges for such service, more discounts (loyalty policy), and timeframes for the delivery of the results of services. Our assessment of the work of Let’s Eat Grandma is negative in general.

5 responses to “Lets Eat Grandma Overview You Should Look Though”

  1. Customer 78 says:

    Have you already heard about Let’s Eat Grandma? If you have not used this service, keep going. I don’t recommend you doing so. My experience with this service was far from good. They make poor essays full of weaknesses and silly omissions. I got a sample that failed to comply with my requirements and highlight important points of my biography. 1 star and not more

  2. Ashley 143 says:

    Not so good service as they present themselves. Too many silly questions and a poor result in the outcome. That was awful for me. I expected to get more or less professional essay makers, but it was a mistake to think so. In one word I don’t recommend you referring to Let’s Eat Grandma. My opinion is that they cannot provide the quality they promise to deliver.

  3. Jas Jay 123 says:

    I ordered here a resume for my new job. I thought I would get good quality writing here but was disappointed. They failed to make a resume with a good structure where all important information was visible. Editors from Let’s Eat Grandma promised me to correct everything. The final version was not good enough too(((( That was one single disappointment for me. Suggest you avoid this service. Always pay attention to the first steps with the service you are referring to. Some signs appeared nearly at once when I referred them there and started to communicate with their support. I didn’t get clear answers to my questions and got the same unclear result of resume writing.

  4. Unknown says:

    Their support is nearly awful. I had made my request and waited too long to get answers to such a simple question. They charged a lot for that kind of support and writing service. I don’t like such a kind of approach. The quality of the CV I got also was far from perfect. 1 star

  5. Ela Loan says:

    I decided to try this service once and was disappointed. They charged me a lot for a simple sample of my CV. It was necessary to request additional amendments to my ready draft as it was too poor, from my point of view. The service declared they had processionals. I was not lucky enough to meet such. I don’t recommend putting your money to Let’s Eat Grandma. I don’t like that service.

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