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Date published: 07/2020
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LiveCareer Overview. Points to consider when choosing a resume building service

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Finding a job is a responsible step in people’s lives, and it is extremely important to present yourself properly to a future employer. One of the best ways to stand out from the crowd of other job seekers is to prepare a decent resume or/and cover letter.

There are many services on the Internet, which help applicants to build a resume or compose a cover letter. One of such resume building tools is LiveCareer.com. And although it is already many years on the market and offers lots of opportunities for users, we’ve noticed lots of pams from their existing clients. These complaints mostly refer to the customer support and confusing terms of subscription.

That is why we’ve thought it’s our duty to provide insight on the issue and help you understand for yourself if this is the right service for you.

Range of Services LiveCareer provides

LiveCareer Services

After continuous investigation of this resume building service, we’ve discovered that it offers only resume and cover letter composing and no assistance in making a CV or LinkedIn profile, follow-up letters, or interview training.

You can buy a template from LiveCareer.com to create a resume on your own or find there some articles on the topic.

On the website, it is possible to search for job offers, but it appears to have a very small database, and it definitely loses out to other job-hunting services.

A glimpse into the Pricing and Discount Policy

One of the trickiest parts on this platform is that you have no idea how much you are going to be charged for using the services on LiveCareer.com

There is no clear indication or description of available tariffs. According to numerous comments we’ve found on independent review websites, people are confused with advertisements about a free trial but are forced to provide credit card details to actually download a resume.

And what is most disappointing that people receive no alert that after the free period, the cost for the following months will be written off from their account even if they don’t use the service anymore.

Instead of just blocking access to the service after the 14-day trial, they take advantage of users, who simply forget about LiveCareer service and don’t even suspect that they are being charged for the full ride.

LiveCareer.com: Quality of services

It is really a pity that for such a high price they charge for their services, people receive resumes and cover letters with grammar mistakes and inelaborate design.

Job applicants look for aid in making their resumes perfect for the potential employer, but after paying а considerable amount, they receive a text of the same level, that can be found on any genuinely free service.


Even though LiveCareer service claims that you can:

  • contact their writers and work out the problem with your resume
  • receive your money back in case of an unsatisfactory result

Still customers reviews showed us that in reality there’s no refund.


Users of LiveCareer.com can obtain customer support by phone, email, or chat. However, if you decide to cancel the subscription, the only option is to call, which is not always convenient. Especially, taking into account that they don’t receive call 24/7.

Online Reputation – LiveCareer.com

According to the above review examples and many others floating around the Internet, this service contains misleading information about payment terms.

LiveCareer Reputation
LiveCareer Reputation 2

Pros and Cons

Speaking of upsides of LiveCareer service, it is a good feature that it has prewritten sentences and phrases to include into your resume just by clicking on them, and the interface seems quite clear. However, disadvantages prevail here:

  • small number of templates available
  • confusing pricing terms an extremely high rates
  • poor technical support
  • necessity to call only to disable the subscription
  • slower operation speed than in similar services

Final Verdict

Considering the facts and feedback, which we examined, LiveCareer.com platform may be suitable for people, who only start their careers and are not very critical to the resume they send to the hirer. At the same time, professionals who look for a stunning resume or a cover letter may be disappointed by the result and service.

FAQ: 8 burning questions about LiveCareer service

When can I receive a ready resume or/and cover letter?

Usually, your order is ready after 2 or 3 working days after you place it on the website. For that, you have to perform the purchase, provide some essential information for the writer and activate the order.

Can I get a consultation with experts of the service?

Yes, you can contact your writer and discuss your resume or cover letter. For that, you have to request such consultation and coordinate the date and time for the call. However, note that you may have different time zones. And thus, it happens that service representatives can call you early in the morning or late at night.

Who composes resumes and cover letters at LiveCareer.com?

Many writers work on the platform, and they write your resumes and cover letters. The service claims that those writers have considerable work experience in Recruiting and HR sphere. And it helps them creating resumes, which are highly estimated by recruiters.

But with that said, we’ve found numerous reviews suggesting the contrary, i.e. people write about plain and simplistic resumes, which they receive from the service, and sometimes the quality of cover letters is not satisfactory either.

Is there a refund if I don’t like the result?

According to the LiveCareer website, a refund is possible, and they provide contact details of the customer service for this purpose. At the same time customers of the service complain about poor technical support and inability to receive their money back.

Can I cancel my subscription from the service?

Yes, you do, but it can be done only by phone. Live chat and email are available for quick questions only. Former customers of LiveCareer.com also say that the process of unsubscription takes a long time and the staff constantly tries to persuade you from doing this

Is the free trial really free at LiveCareer.com?

We’ve tried to check it ourselves and try to create a simple resume. The truth is when you want to download your free resume, to do that you have to indicate your card details first. They promise you a 14-day trial for $2.95.

Remember, though, to cancel it after 14 days expire, and if you are no longer planning to use the service, otherwise you will be charged $24.95 every four weeks until you stop it.

Does it work on mobile devices?

Yes, it does, but the peculiarity of the user interface makes it not convenient to work on small devices, as it becomes difficult for the users to puzzle out the instructions. The developers should have thought of a good mobile version for the service to fight off competition.

Can I select a resume template with the photo?

Unfortunately, no. This feature is not provided for the users in any type of templates. That is why you will have to add your photo manually or submit the resume without it.

How long LiveCareer service is on the market?

The service was founded in 2004 with the headquarters in the USA. This may imply that it should be more trustworthy than other platforms, which exist not for so long.

That aside, the service receives many negative reviews connected with unclear banking procedures. Together with that, in this case, the period of operation speaks for slow speed in comparison to modern tools, as well as outdated design.

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10 responses to “LiveCareer Overview. Points to consider when choosing a resume building service”

  1. Morten says:

    I am from Norway but had to apply to a UK company, and a resume and cover letter in English were a must for me. Since I am not good at it at all, I decided to hire a professional. Although the prices were high, I thought that it should be worth it. But frankly speaking, I was very disappointed. My resume was full of the facts I provided, so it was ok, but I cannot say the same about my cover letter. I didn’t like it. The writer didn’t pay attention to my instructions at all. It looked like he just wrote it to deliver the soonest without even proofreading. I must say I had to hire an editor who spent a couple of hours to proofread and improve their resume. Do not recommend it! Quality isn’t worth its money.

  2. Nathalie says:

    Using a resume writing service was my mom’s idea. She is always too concerned when it comes to a job search. This was the first service I came across on the Internet, and I placed an order immediately. It wasn’t cheap, by the way. The quality was so-so, but I do not think the price-quality ratio is reasonable. I think they should lower the cost because the content is pretty average.

  3. Jerzy says:

    Livecareer.com is surely not the cheapest service I have used. And moreover, not the best one. My friend ordered his resume on another site, and it was of great quality, very well-written, and at a lower cost. Mine didn’t look like a professional resume and cost me a fortune!

  4. Lucy says:

    I do not like hiring third people when it concerns my career, but I had really no time for creating my CV and had to choose someone who would do that for me within just one day. My choice fell on livecareer.com. Yes, it was done quickly, but I cannot say the quality impressed me. If I spent a bit more time, I would write a much better CV. Unfortunately, the lack of time played against me.

  5. Franko Di Latte says:

    I am Italian but living in Australia all my life. But still, I didn’t learn how to write a good resume or cover letter in English, probably do not have enough writing skills. I could never do it, so my brother recommended me to hire a professional writer for that purpose and I thought it was a good idea. When browsing the web, I came across Livecareer.com. I used that good quality costs money, and I was ready to pay a significant amount for just a couple of pages of my resume and cover letter. What I got was far from perfect, though. Even I noticed that my cover letter wasn’t written by a native speaker, and I had to hire another writer to edit all this. I was very disappointed. Next time, I will choose a service carefully only after checking their reviews.

  6. Liu says:

    Do not believe when you read free features on livecareer.com. Nothing is free, and you will be charged huge fees for absolutely everything. I believe their prices are much exaggerated. Other similar services provide you with a bunch of free features and good quality at the same time. I do not want to pay more next time, so I will choose some other resume helper if I ever need it.

  7. Fred Hokenson says:

    Quality is not their strength for sure. First of all, my cover letter contained a lot of mistakes and typos. It looked like it was not written by a native English speaker, and I was shocked because what my employer would think about me at all? When I asked for a refund, nothing happened. A waste of time and big money!

  8. Edward says:

    I wish I checked the reviews on livecareer.com before I placed my order. I did it only after paying for my CV because I was in a hurry, but this was my biggest mistake. If I could improve the situation, I would never use their services. And for sure, I won’t use them again or recommend to anyone. I have to mention the price was not low, and I have always thought that high cost means high quality. I was wrong. They sent me some templates where they substituted some sentences with the information I provided. It had nothing to do with a professional CV, and I would probably write a better one by myself for free. Customer support was irresponsive, so solving a problem with them was impossible. Terrible service.

  9. Lizzy says:

    A terrible resume writing help. It is extremely expensive, but the quality is poor! When I got my cover letter, I noticed lots of shortcomings and looked like the author didn’t pay attention to any of my requirements. I tried to contact them for a revision, but customer support was so slow that I had to choose another service because I didn’t have any time to wait for their reply. It is unbelievably irresponsible! They are losing their customers. I wish they could at least improve the quality of customer support.

  10. Danny says:

    I want to share my experience with livecareer.com. I hope this will help others avoid the same mistakes. The prices are above average in the market, and my CV was really expensive. But I was absolutely disappointed because my deadline was missed. I didn’t even get any refund or compensation! If you can, choose a different writing service because they do not fulfill their obligations at such high costs!

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