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Date published: 07/2020
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Velvetjobs Overview – all you need to know about the service

Velvetjobs Preview
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The service has quite a high rating according to customer reviews. However, we’ve come across some comments, which suggest that people often face problems with subscription and payment. It is a serious matter. That is why we are going to see into it and provide you with an exhaustive review of user experience on Velvetjobs.com.

Range of Services at Velvetjobs.com

Velvetjobs.com Services

It appears to be that Velvetjobs offers you only the services of resume and cover letter building and job search. You can either create the resume yourself with the help of templates or hire an expert to aid you. However, the price is too high for a person who is looking for a job.

On the website, you can find just a few articles with tips and guidelines for resume writing. As it turned out, this is because the main aim of this website is to serve as a job platform or recruitment service. Here employers can post available positions, and applicants search for suitable ones.

In reality, the service has not so many job opportunities, as stated by users’ reviews. This invites the assumption that the service is not very popular.

Velvetjobs Pricing and Discount Policy

Velvetjobs Pricing

At first glance, it may seem that you can build a resume on the platform and download it to your desktop for free. So, after writing it on your own, using just a single tip about the experience from the service (as there are no other Screentips), you download your resume and find out that there are watermarks on it.

So, you, basically, build your resume with your own hands, manually write all the information and just select a template from the available options. And to use it, you have to upgrade to Premium membership, which is $1,95 for seven days.

Here’s a trick – it automatically updates to $9,99 a week after your 7 days period. And this is the reason for complaints from users – you may stop using the platform but will still be charged $39,96 at the end of a month. So, please, be aware of this if you decide to subscribe.


According to our investigation, the resumes, which you can get from a hired expert writer at Velvetjobs.com, are not as good as expected.

First, the structure is sometimes incoherent; the design is not impressive, especially for such a price. And most importantly, we’ve noticed some mistakes in skills description, which is unacceptable.

Speaking of the job-seeking service, the interface is a bit confusing. And it takes plenty of time to gain insight into it.


According to the description at Velvetjobs.com, they provide the following guarantees:

  • Resumes are optimized with keywords and checked with special software.
  • Invitation to interviews in 30 days, otherwise, they’ll provide you with the rewritten version of your resume.

And that’s it! No money-back option or warranty that your expensive resume is unique. So, if you don’t get invited to an interview with the help of 2 resume versions, they created for you, that is nothing they can help you with.


What is unusual about a modern website, like Velvetjobs, is that there is no phone number or live chat for customers to receive prompt assistance. There’s only a website form and an email address for getting in touch with the team.

Velvetjobs Support

According to several reviews, it takes a good deal of time to receive a response by mail. In our opinion, this is unacceptable for a platform, which provides online services to people. What if you have an urgent matter to be addressed quickly, and there’s no way to contact them immediately?

Velvetjobs Online Reputation

Such reviews are the result of the tricky pricing system the company uses for its services and not a user-friendly interface. Thus, people just got confused.

Velvetjobs Online Reputation
Velvetjobs Online Reputation 2

Pros and Cons

Although, being a legit company and a good platform for Employers to recruit staff and manage brand, Velvetjobs is not so useful for Candidates, as it has:

  • high tariffs;
  • no money-back possibility;
  • slow customer support;
  • website difficult to navigate.

Final Verdict

Velvetjobs fell short of our expectations. It is not so much of a resume builder, but an outplacement service with a small database of vacancies and expensive resume templates, which you write on your own. In general, you get the impression that the platform is dull and lacks some information or features for convenient use.

FAQ: Popular questions about Velvetjobs service

How long does it take to get a ready resume?

First of all, we should mention that after ordering a resume from the expert of Velvetjobs.com, you most likely be contacted only in 24 hours to specify the details. 

To receive the ready work, you will have to wait neither more nor less than one week if you select a Professional resume or Professional resume +packages, and two days if you opt for the most expensive one – Executive resume +

Can I get in touch with the writers to consult?

The only way you can communicate with Velvetjobs representatives is by email. They don’t provide any other contact details on their website. So, you can either write to them with your question and wait for the reply, or place an order for a professional resume and wait for the feedback from a writer to discuss the details.

Is there a free trial period at Velvetjobs.com?

Unfortunately, no. The available trial period is seven days, but it is not free – it costs $1,95. 

So, if you want to download the resume, which you’ve built on the website and without watermarks, you will have to pay that amount.

After seven days, such subscription automatically switches to another tariff, which is $9,99 per week. So if you don’t cancel the subscription, for the following month (4 weeks), you will be charged $39,96.

Is there a refund if I get no job interview?

No refund is available. Although the company guarantees that with their professional resume, you will definitely be invited to a job interview in 30 days, if it doesn’t happen, they can only provide you with a revised copy of your resume. After that they are not responsible for your further career.

Can I order a LinkedIn writing service at Velvetjobs.com?

The answer is no. The company provides services in writing only resumes and cover letters. You can also try and search for a job on their website, which serves as a human resources platform as well. However, they have no connection to LinkedIn.

Where can I find a phone number to contact them?

The fact is, there is no phone number or company address on the website. The only way to contact Velvetjobs is by email or a website form. So you have to write to them, and the reply is likely to arrive within the next 24 hours.

What is the difference between 3 tariff packages they offer?

1. Professional resume package offers a resume written by an expert, and designed according to 1 of the ten exclusive templates. Such a resume is promised to be highly ranked by the tracking system for recruiting. But in practice, you get low-quality.

2. Professional resume + package has the same characteristics, but with the benefit of a custom cover letter. 

3. The executive resume + package also includes the above-mentioned features. Plus, it will be delivered within 48 hours, and it is written by an Executive-level writer.

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10 responses to “Velvetjobs Overview – all you need to know about the service”

  1. Brian N. says:

    If you expect to get a brilliant cover letter or CV from that service, then do not hope too high. Their resumes and everything they are writing is more like free templates. You can find all overall the internet. I can truly say you won’t be accepted by a serious employer with such writing.

  2. Mimi G. says:

    I am helpless when it comes to searching for a new job, and maybe I am not very lucky because I had to switch jobs three times during the last year. I was tired of that and decided to use the help of a professional resume writing service. velvetjobs.com had good reviews, so I decided to join them without any doubts. To my surprise, my consultation was delayed three times by their employee. But I thought to get professional help with my resume, so I was patient. Unfortunately, my hopes were dashed because my resume was also pretty average. Eventually, I found another service and paid for my resume again, but it was finally of great quality.

  3. Andy Chou says:

    velvetjobs.com was recommended to me by one of my co-workers. He said he used this service before for job consulting and writing his resume. His experience was very successful, so I also decided to try because I was going to switch jobs and wanted the process to be fast and efficient. I signed up and immediately was contacted their professional. I paid for my consultation, I cannot say it was really helpful, but I thought that any information in my situation would be ok. However, I was disappointed with my resume. First of all, there was a delay with the delivery, this was already a red flag for me, but I really believed my writer could be busy. I could wait, so I didn’t start to panic. But the quality was not even average, very poor as for a professional resume writer. Maybe my writer was simply not the best.

  4. Jose Villa says:

    Due to the crisis in my company, I have lost my current job and had to search for a new one. But I faced some difficulties in my search, and one of my ex-colleagues suggested me to use the help of professionals to get some consultations on employment and some help with creating a good and efficient resume. After browsing the internet, I found velvetjobs.com and contacted them immediately. I felt helpless without a job, so I had to act quickly. After joining them, I have paid for a consultation. I found it good and helpful, so I thought I could entrust them with writing my resume and even cover letter. Unfortunately, they didn’t cope with that task so well. My cover letter contained some mistakes and even inaccuracies in the data I provided. It was disappointing.

  5. Stacey says:

    I joined velvetjobs.com not to get help with my resume or CV but to find an employee. I have spent a lot of time browsing the resumes but didn’t find anyone. I have sent a lot of inquiries to people but never got a reply from them. It’s pretty odd.

  6. Andrew S. says:

    I have used this service because I needed urgent help with writing a good resume and, of course, my cover letter. I also asked them for a consultation as I have read on their site they provide great employment help. Maybe other people got good help, but for me, it was not efficient.

  7. Mandy Moore says:

    Generally, their service was not bad but not really helpful. Their consultations didn’t help, or maybe I just couldn’t use their tips properly. My resume was not outstanding, too. I cannot say I was totally disappointed, but it was probably not the best idea to use their help. But their cost is lower than that of other similar services, so my expectations were not too high.

  8. Jessy says:

    I must say I was really desperate when I picked velvetjobs.com. I thought they would help me with my cover letter and future employment. I got some consultations from their advisors, but I cannot say it helped me. It looked more like a general reply to general questions, nothing specific, and I cannot say it concerned my situation at all. I got my cover letter on time, but it wasn’t something special or created for me. It was a template with my name and some facts in it. Do not think it was written from scratch, so I suppose there are just hundreds of the same cover letters they provided to their customers.

  9. Wayne says:

    My experience with velvetjobs.com started very brightly. I was really inspired when I found them, but I cannot say they helped me a lot. Their templates were not something I needed, so I had to apply to another resume help service, and they created a professional CV and cover letter for me, although it was a bit more expensive but much more efficient than velvetjob’s specialists.

  10. Patrick says:

    Do not get fooled by beautiful advertising! They promise great help with your employment, professional consultations, etc. But I didn’t get that qualified help. Everything I got was just general advice, and frankly speaking, I found it useless. This site wasn’t helpful to me. Maybe they will be more useful for other people.

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