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Date published: 08/2020
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Dragon Resume Overview to Be Aware of

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Dragon Resume is a team that claims it is professional and offers you commercial resume writing help. There are several service options the company suggests. When you select a CV writing help, it is necessary to realize your personal needs. First, make a thorough study and get into the career so that you will be able to answer the questions in a proper way. There are many of the resume posting services like Dragon Resume on the market. However, it is not an ideal one, and here you will get to know why it is so. Hence, choose the one for you wisely if you do not want to have troubles. 

Range of Services – Dragon Resume

Dragonresume Services

There are various ways to write a resume, and probably, this is the main thing you will have to know when selecting your writing service. The most common resume variants include targeted combinational and functional ones. The writing service you choose must offer such options. Dragon Resume claims to be a career and writing coaching service, but the customers who utilized their assistance are not very happy about the functionality of it. Also, we found out that dragonresume.com website is one of the fake websites with fake and terrible service. 

Pricing and Discount Policy

Pricing and Discount Policy

The prices of Dragon Resume are not clearly revealed on the website. So doing a review is not very reliable since they hide some of the pitfalls of your sight. The prices represented there depend on the package. There are such packages as “professional resume package”, “executive growth package”, and “comprehensive development package”. The pricing policy is not really vivid, so it is doubtful whether it is worth using the dragonresume.com if we take the quality of this service into consideration.


Despite the fact the Dragon Resume service offers a way out for many job seekers, the prices are rather high. Therefore, they do not have many customers from Europe and the USA because the quality of assistance is not acceptable. The Dragon Resume claims that within 90 days you will get more interviews if compared to other platforms which are quite untrue. For instance, other resume posting services offer great results for a shorter period of time.


There are several guarantees that the Dragon Resume offers for you to take into consideration:

  • Opportunity to get 24/7 online support.
  • Boosted chances to get an interview in less than 90 days.
  • High quality resumes.


There are three main ways to reach the company. First of all, you may call them. Secondly, you might write a message in email. Thirdly, there is a live chat option to help you get a response. However, many users say that Dragon Resume service is one of the worst since it takes a lot of time to wait for the answer to one’s question making the service rather slow. Therefore, we recommend you using a faster service like Devmyresume.com.

Online Reputation

First of all, many customers are unhappy about the usability of the website, claiming it is difficult to navigate. Secondly, they say that the design of it is rather irritating and recommend to use more neutral colors. Thirdly, the experienced users do not recommend Dragon Resume because the approach to writing the CVs is not a creative one so your resume will not stand out in a crowd and draw the potential employer’s attention which is a big minus. 

Pros and Cons

Check out the list of Dragon Resume advantages and disadvantages:

  • The customer care service is rather good if compared to other resume posting services. There is a live chat option to help you get a response quickly.
  • The pricing policy is rather cruel with no discounts and promo codes.
  • You should register to get any relevant and helpful data that takes a lot of time.


There are many various resume posting services on the market where dragonresume.com is rather an average one. We found out that this service is rather unreliable and providing a low or average quality of the assistance. Also, many customers complain that even paying a lot of money for the service, and they did not get the desired dream job which is quite sad. Besides, the customer support operates rather slowly, So you will have to wait a lot to get the answer to your question.

FAQ – Main Answers to the Key Questions You Might Have:

What is Dragon Resume?

Dragon Resume is one of the resume posting services available to use on the market. However, note that it is not the best one because its quality of service is rather poor. Nevertheless, you can use the alternative service if you want to get superb results for the shortest amount of time.

What is so special about Dragon Resume?

This writing service was designed by a recruiters’ group that understands exactly what employees are looking for in a candidate. Dragon Resume claims that they will provide your resume with a fresh look and help you get more interviews than you might have had before. However, this information is not rather credible and trustworthy enough because there are many negative testimonials about the quality of Dragon Resume service.

Are the prices high for this service?

To tell the truth, yes, they are. Besides, there are no opportunities and discounts for both loyal and new customers. So you will not save money which you might eager a lot when looking for a job. Meaning, you spend more than you might have thought you would with no guaranteed result.

How long does it take to utilize Dragon Resume?

According to the website, it will take you less than three days or 72 hours to get the desirable results. However, again, this is the thing the website claims. The customers we found, claim that it takes a much longer time to get first interviews than it is mentioned on the website.

What are the resume writers’ qualifications?

Dragon Resume promises your resume will be generated by only native English speakers with awesome writing and grammar skills. Besides, some of them are the HRs in the past, so they know exactly the best way to compose your resume. Nevertheless, this data is not reliable since many customers that utilized this service say that they found the mistakes in their CVs, and some facts were omitted in their resumes.

What is the main reason I should utilize Dragon Resume?

The website owners claim that they will create the most creative resume for you to impress the potential employer. Truly, the first impression is very important for the person who is looking for a job and is reviewed to be a perfect candidate. However, many customers who used Dragon Resume were very disappointed with it because they thought the quality of the service would be much better for such a high price.

How soon will I get pieces of news from the employer?

The Dragon Resume owners say that it depends on many facts and your skills as long as each case is unique. However, this sounds rather suspicious because they do not guarantee anything. They claim that 95% of the customers are satisfied with the results, but the questions arise: “Where are these happy customers?”, “Why did not they leave positive feedback about their experience of using the service?” So you should look before you leap.

What should I do if I do not have a resume?

Do not worry. You have a chance to fill in the questionnaire and mention all the relevant and updated information about you. The company promises to do the rest of the work for you. However, not that they are not creative sometimes when they generate your resume, so do not expect much from Dragon Resume. They will provide you with only average-quality service, which sounds rather uninspiring. Anyway, if you want a high-quality service, we recommend you using another service.  

Is it possible to make revisions?

Yes, it is. Dragon Resume offers various packages where one of the options is the opportunity to make and ask for a revision. Note that all the revisions should be made seven days before they receive your CV, which is quite long. However, if we take into account other resume posting services as Devmyresume.com, you are promised to get the revision done much faster. 

Is it possible to look for the jobs on Dragon Resume as well?

Yes, it is. Thousands of job opportunities are available for you on this website. Just click on “Search jobs” if some of the jobs meet your expectations. However, do not expect too much of this service, according to the customers’ reviews online. 

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10 responses to “Dragon Resume Overview to Be Aware of”

  1. Joanna says:

    Do not trust this service! No, they won’t scam you, but it will be difficult to get a really good resume from them. It looks like they are written by some non-native English speakers who know very remotely about how the resumes should be written at all. I am not even speaking about finding someone who would at least know something about your field of specialization. I would not recommend it to anyone. So if you don’t want to lose your time and money, better avoid it.

  2. Mike Moore says:

    Choosing dragonresume.com was my friend’s idea. He insisted that I need some help to create a good resume because my old one seemed to him old-fashioned. I decided to try because I really needed help to update my resume. But I won’t say my resume was too different from my previous one although its price was quite high.

  3. Irene says:

    I got an Executive Growth Package for $399, and it is really expensive, but I hoped to get really top-quality help. I cannot say it was terrible or too bad, but it didn’t meet my expectations. Customer support representatives didn’t respond quickly, and I just was losing a lot of time. I cannot also say my resume or cover letter was really outstanding.

  4. Karina says:

    Being not a native English speaker but getting an education in the United States, I had to apply for a job but wanted to make sure my resume and cover letter looked perfect to my potential employer. I found dragonresume.com in an online search and ordered my resume with them. I cannot say it was really a top-notch resume. It was just some template I could easily find on the internet and simply put my data into it. I am not impressed with them!

  5. Gordon says:

    Their website says that 95% of their customers would recommend their service to a friend. But I do not think it is true because I think they hire some freelancers who are not very good at writing and, moreover, in English. At least my resume looked that way. I cannot recommend them, unfortunately.

  6. Wayne says:

    dragonresume.com was the second resume writing helper I applied to. My first experience with another service was excellent, but they didn’t provide help in terms of the pandemic, and I had to choose another assistant. I was sure that there is nothing difficult in writing a CV, so I paid them without doubts. But the result was awful, and I got my CV written by someone who cannot write in English! I do not think he was a native English speaker. Next time, I will be more careful in my search!

  7. Regina says:

    This is a terrible writing service. I didn’t get any resume help they promised. I submitted my old resume to them to update it and make it more appealing to the companies. And the final draft was even worse than my previous one. After getting my order, I spent a couple of days editing it on my own!

  8. Luigi says:

    Writing a resume sounds like something really scary to me, and I have never been a good writer and didn’t like doing it even when being in college. So I, naturally, decided to ask a professional writer to do it for me. This service was one of the first I came across online. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any reviews about them, but their website seemed reliable. So I decided to hire them and create my dream resume. I must say my dream remained just a dream, and I am still in search of my perfect writer. Grammatical errors, stylish inaccuracies could be seen even with my naked eye! Do not recommend this service since their prices are very high for such quality!

  9. Monroe says:

    My acquaintance with dragonresume.com started last year when I needed to create my CV after college. It was ok at that time. But when I ordered my cover letter this year with them, I couldn’t believe my eyes because my cover letter contained tons of mistakes and was written really poorly. Maybe the quality varies from one writer to another, but I would love to be sure of the result when I pay over $100 for one page.

  10. Alexander says:

    When I felt like I wasn’t doing a job I have always strive for, I decided it’s time for changes and started to search for a new job. I have two diplomas, so I decided to search for a more high-paying job and start to develop my career. Resume writing has never been my strong side, so I decided to pay to dragonresume.com to tailor my resume so it would stand out from the crowd. They promised to deliver my resume within 3 days, and they did. However, it didn’t look like the one I asked for. All the information was written in the opposite order, and it looked like just a general resume from an average student. I think such quality is not worth its cost, so I do not think I will ever use it again.

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