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Date published: 08/2020
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Resumecoach Overview and Guidelines

Resumecoach Preview
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Welcome to a Resumecoach review. Today we will discuss this writing service, its features, prices, and distinguishing features. You’ll also find out whether it is a good option for creating an excellent resume.

Let’s start with the fact that this resume writing service is quite popular on the market. However, it has an equal number of positive and negative feedback. That is why we decided to test the service ourselves and to help you make up your mind.

Range of Services

As you probably know, resume writing services don’t have a wide range of available services. Thus, if you need academic assistance or tutoring, it’s better to look elsewhere. Resumecoach is not an exception. Here you can make a resume choosing from 20 templates or a cover letter.

It was a good idea to provide explanations to every section of a resume even though the tips seem quite outdated and, it’s obvious that the information hasn’t been changed for ages.

At the moment, there are around 20 templates, which customers can use to create a resume. Resumecoach claims that your information is saved in the account, and if changing templates, there won’t be a need to retype anything. However, we have tested this option, and it didn’t work the first couple of times.

There is also a chance to write cover letters to support a resume. It will be of the same design and format as the resume. Unfortunately, cover letters don’t have tips and guidelines, so you are left one-on-one with the task. Even though you still have to pay.

Range of Services ResumeCoach

Pricing and Discount Policy at Resumecoach

When visiting the Resumecoach website, you’ll be able to create a free account and to get familiar with the platform and its services for free. However, such an account has multiple limitations and hidden pages, so you won’t have access to useful services and features unless you pay.

To be granted with full access, you’ll need to subscribe to a particular plan. The service claims that you can unsubscribe any time you want, but we have seen multiple testimonials, which prove the opposite.

There are two packages available: a 14-day and a monthly pack. They cost $1,95 and $29,95 correspondingly.

Pricing at Resumecoach


Now let us discuss the quality of Resumecoach services. We weren’t impressed by the quality of the templates and guidelines. Yes, they were ok, but we’ve found multiple mistakes and typos in the text, as well as lots of outdated information.

While the package cost is rather high, it is weird that they haven’t fixed the mistakes yet.


We tried really hard to find at least any guarantees that would protect subscribers in case they lose data or obtain a poor result but we failed to find anything except wordy promises:

  • Privacy policy

Yes, that’s the only resemblance of the guarantees we managed to find. If you have lots of free time, try to read the Resumecoach privacy policy section, which is so wordy and blurred that it’s impossible to find anything useful. Resumecoach.com simply promises to keep and store your information safely, to update software, and so on. Nothing specific.

Resumecoach Support

When writing a review, we always analyze the customer support a particular writing company is able to provide. Users want to have timely assistance, so it’s crucial for a reputable service to have a 24/7 professional support.

The only communication channel we were able to find was the simple form, where you could indicate the problem and leave your email. And there is a live chat, which doesn’t work.

Resumecoach Support

Online Reputation

It’s difficult to imagine a complete review without sharing what other subscribers think about the company. We can say that there are many positive, as well as negative comments about Resumecoach.

However, the majority of positive comments come from paid websites. Unbiased review platforms contain lots of negative feedback, where customers complain about the slow website, low quality of resumes, and absence of support.

Resumecoach Online Reputation

 Pros and Cons


  • Several languages
  • A trial subscription
  • Has a blog


  • The prices are rather high
  • The website is slow and outdated
  • Almost impossible to unsubscribe
  • Copied and plagiarized templates from other services


It’s time to round up our resumecoach.com review and to share what we think about Resumecoach. Unfortunately, it didn’t meet our expectations, and now we understand why so many people prefer looking for resume assistance elsewhere.

While the website is rather poor and the templates contain numerous mistakes, the prices are very high. On top of it, templates are plagiarized, and managers never respond. Not recommended.

FAQ – the most frequently asked questions

How does the resumecoach.com work?

After creating an account, you need to choose a template from the database. Then it’s necessary to complete all the fields by using guidelines and examples. Finally, you should download the resume and start using it. Unfortunately, the website is rather slow and outdated, so be ready to devote some time to understand what it wants from you.

Can I edit my resume?

When entering a personal account, head to the account’s home page and pick a resume, you want to change. Don’t forget to save the draft before downloading it again. Unfortunately, this option works from time to time, and we had problems changing the resume we created. It took us three attempts before succeeding. Probably the software they are using is quite old.

How long does the process take?

Everything depends on your computer skills and whether you will be distracted along the way. We tried creating several resumes, and it took us an hour for a simple and brief resume and two hours for a more complex one.

Unfortunately, there are no useful tips that would simplify the process.

Will I be able to change the template?

Resumecoach claims that it’s possible to import your data to any template of your choice. Thus, theoretically, you can switch templates as many times as you want. However, practice shows that you will face lots of technical issues, and the new resume version will be poorly formatted, so you’ll have to fix the mistakes spending additional time.

What plans does the Resumecoach offer?

This platform has several packages depending on the variety of tools you want to be included in the resume. Thus, it’s possible to choose from a basic and unlimited package to access various features and tools of the platform. For example, formatting instruments, practical tips, and professional advice.

Unfortunately, they did everything to hide subscription plans, and it is quite challenging to get familiar with the prices. Especially if you are not an experienced user.

Can I delete my account?

Luckily, it is possible to unsubscribe from the platform if you no longer need it. However, you won’t have a chance to download the resumes after unsubscribing. Be ready that the process may take some time because you’ll have to send the request to the company’s email and their managers will process it for several days or even longer.

What if I don’t have work experience?

The platform has a few guidelines for subscribers with different work experience. If you have just graduated college, are still studying or need a part-time job, the company promises to create an appealing resume based on your transferable skills and listing scholastic, athletic, and any other achievements to impress the employer.

However, they often encourage subscribers to add false information to look more solid and demanded, which may cause you lots of trouble.

How much work experience should be included?

They advise to include a maximum of 15 years of experience. It is proved that headhunters spend no more than 6 seconds to decide whether your resume is worth their attention or not. Thus, the recent experience should be more important than the old ones.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any viable tips that would help first-time employees to understand how it’s better to form a resume.

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10 responses to “Resumecoach Overview and Guidelines”

  1. Owen Cheff says:

    This resume writing service is absolutely unreliable, and I have no idea who wrote all those positive reviews about them. I believe they all are fake. You pay just $1 for your CV and are happy, but without your consent, they subscribe you to their plan and keep withdrawing money from your account every month! And the money they withdraw is not $1 anymore, and it will be around $50 already. A scamming billing system! I do not think this is a legitimate service at all.

  2. Clarence says:

    This service charges people without their consent! I want to warn everyone not to use their services and not get their ‘cheap’ templates. Eventually, you will pay more than for any good resume writing service because you somehow agree for their reoccurring payments! This is a terrible and scam resume service!

  3. Moran says:

    Reoccurring charges are probably their best service! I wonder why so many people suffer, and they still do their dirty job! I was charged twice after I canceled my subscription. After I noticed that, I tried to get in touch with them, and they didn’t even want to cancel it. They didn’t even apologize! It was absolutely normal for that service, and they weren’t even surprised. I had to change my account, so they would stop charging me for nothing! The worst online service I have ever used!

  4. Pozzi says:

    I have no idea how resumecoach.com still exists! I thought that this was an absolutely not legit company selling you air! Yes, exactly, you pay some symbolic price for downloading the resume you created, and then you keep getting their bills every month for nothing! I am very thankful to my bank for rejecting their attempts and warning me about it. By the way, they are on the blacklist of my bank, and it considers them to be a fraud.

  5. Hilda says:

    Their site is very tricky. You spend one hour or a couple of them to create your CV, but you are unable to download it! You will have to pay, but they do not want you about it before you start working on your resume. Moreover, you keep being charged every month because you’ve purchased their subscription in some way! I would not recommend getting into their trap.

  6. Brungilda says:

    The resume templates provided by resumecoach.com are terrible. Believe me, if you just spend a couple of hours, you will write a better resume by yourself. So do not even waste your money on trying to build a resume, because it is impossible on their site. After getting their resume, I realized that I have not the worst writing skills!

  7. Sanjay says:

    My resume was as important for me as air because I just graduated from my university and wanted to apply to a couple of companies the soonest. Since I have some knowledge in resume writing, I didn’t want to spend a lot on hiring a professional writer and decided to use the templates of resumecoach.com. Their prices seemed quite appealing. But I must say, even that $3 was wasted because the template was very poorly written. I ended up writing my resume on my own.

  8. Don says:

    Set up low limits on your credit card before using this service! Or better simply avoid it by all means! You pay nearly $3 for your resume, and eventually, you are charged ten times more every single month! They charged me once before I noticed that, and I immediately contacted my bank to change the limits and block their withdrawals. A scam and nothing more!

  9. Lindsey says:

    I want to warn everyone about resumecoach.com scam! I was charged two more times after ending my subscription! I wonder for what? They didn’t even try to notify me! My primary subscription was for 14 days, and it was ended, but my bank notified me that I was charged nearly $30 every month after that! I believe it is a scam because I didn’t give any consent to pay after my subscription ended up. When I got in touch with them (from my fifth attempt), they said that I accepted the terms and conditions when subscribing, so everything was legit! Needless to say, I didn’t get any refund for two months they charged me even though I have never used their services.

  10. Marty says:

    Guys, first off, do not believe when they tell you it is possible to create an outstanding resume for 12 minutes! It is simply impossible, and resumecoach.com is just a database of templates, not for free even! None of the systems can create a good resume. Better spend some time and the same money to hire someone who would write a great resume and cover letter for you!

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